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Ab Roller Evolution is a piece of home gym equipment that works specifically on abs, obliques, chest, shoulders and triceps.


  • Headrest
  • The Ab Roller Evolution comes equipped with a headrest for doing crunches to eliminate the strain on the head, neck, and back that is associated with standard crunches. Having a headrest on the equipment ensures that your head moves with you, and you don't have to strain your neck muscles to support it.

  • Handle
  • Ab Roller Evolution has a handle to keep your arms in a good position to optimize the effectiveness of the crunches. Having your arms outstretched on a pole ensures that you can't mess up the form of the crunch by throwing your arms for momentum. Crunches preformed on the Ab Roller Evolution require using just the abdominal muscles or obliques instead of arm momentum.

  • Weights
  • Ab Roller Evolution comes with small posts near the headrests that support the use of weights. Adding weight to the crunches allows users to make the workout more intense. Increased labor and intensity done in proper form can lead to a better workout, and better or faster results.

  • Multiple Positions
  • Despite its name, the Ab Roller Evolution is also a piece of equipment that can be utilized to work out your chest, shoulders, and triceps. Due to the curved design, when the Ab Roller Evolution is flipped over, you have two rounded arches which can be held for push-ups and tricep dips. This positioning is ideal for push-ups as it will provide minimal strain on the wrists, and this exercise allows you to work out your chest and shoulders. Alternatively, you can also use these arches as support for tricep dips to tone the underside of your upper arms.


  • Focal Points
  • Ab Roller Evolution allows you to focus on multiple areas of the body for a more rounded upper body workout. The multiple positions that the device can be placed in allows users to focus on chest and shoulders, triceps, abdominals, or obliques. Each of these muscles requires a different exercise, and having the ability to do all of these exercises on one device is convenient.

  • Varying Intensity
  • Ab Roller Evolution comes with posts on which to attach weights. This comes in handy, as it allows users of varying degrees of fitness to have an effective workout on the device. It also means that users who are serious about getting in shape will not outgrow the usefulness of the device, since they can always add weights. Adding weights increases the intensity of the abdominal workout, so the device can adapt to a need for a more substantial exercise.

  • Comfortable
  • The headrest feature of the Ab Roller Evolution allows for people to not suffer injuries while performing crunches. Many people are dissuaded from performing crunches as a means to exercise because the form of crunches and sit-ups can be strenuous or even painful for the neck. Ab Roller Evolution eliminates that problem by providing a headrest that moves with you during the exercise.

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