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Alarm Force is a home and office security system which offers lots of free features. Not only are their prices lower than most, they offer free 2-way voice protection and free installation of the products. There are also many things you can add on for your home or office for very reasonable prices.


  • Free Installation
  • Some home security companies can charge hundreds of dollars for installation of their products, but with Alarm Force installation – it’s not going to cost you anything at all.

  • Peace Of Mind
  • You will never have to worry about the safety of yourself or your family again, because Alarm Force will be protecting your home 24 / 7.


  • Paying For Extras
  • Some companies offer free video relay upon purchasing their products, but with Alarm Force - there is a monthly fee that you will need to pay.

  • No Online Tutorials
  • Knowing how to use your security equipment is very important, yet Alarm Force does not offer online tutorials to teach you how to use anything. Most companies provide this type of help for their customers.


  • 2-way Voice Security
  • You will always be protected with Alarm Force's 2 way voice security. If something happens - no matter what time of day - they can contact you in your home to make sure everything is okay. It can also be used to contact them for matters concerning security.

  • Video Relay Is Available
  • Yes, there is a monthly fee for the video relay access, but - it would be well worth it to pay for this feature. You will be able to access the cameras that are inside your home no matter where you are at any given moment.


The Alarm Force infomercial promises to keep your family safe and protected for a very low monthly cost. They also state how the free 2-way voice security is a big help in doing this and is offered free to all customers.

How It Works

Alarm Force works by monitoring your home at all times for suspicious activity or intruders. An alarm will sound if anything happens and you will be contacted immediately to make sure you are okay. If there is an emergency situation, they will make sure they contact you through the 2-way voice protection.


  • Adt
  • Adt is the biggest home security company in the industry, but it is a little more expensive than Alarm Force.

  • Ackerman
  • Ackerman is much more expensive than Alarm Force and also charges a monthly fee for 2-way voice protection.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Compare Companies
  2. Alarm Force allows you to compare companies straight from their website, so you can see the differences in prices and features. Take advantage of this tool so you know what you are getting before you order.

  3. Use For Your Office
  4. Alarm Force is not only for homes, but also for businesses. Take advantage of this feature by installing equipment in both places instead of using two different security protection companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Are Orders Placed?
  • You can arrange for equipment to be installed through the online tool or by phone.

  • How Are They Contacted?
  • To contact Alarm Force, you can call customer service at 1800-267-2001.

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