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Atomic Beam is a powerful flashlight that can be used to illuminate anything even in the pitch dark. The flashlight can also be zoomed in on a particular object. It has different lighting modes, including strobe mode that helps fight off intruders. Therefore, it is good as a self-defence tool. This flashlight can be used in all sorts of emergency situations.


  • Sturdy
  • The flashlight is very strong. It will not break even if dropped from a tall height. Even boiling water cannot stop the flashlight from working, nor can freezing temperatures. This flashlight can withstand the elements very well.

  • Water Resistant
  • Atomic Beam is water resistant, which means, it will not be damaged even if accidentally dropped in water.

  • Brightness
  • This flashlight is a lot brighter than normal flashlights. It has a brightness of 5000 lux, which is way more than the brightness of regular ones. This is why this product can be considered as a tactical flashlight too, and can come handy for emergency use.

  • Self- Defence
  • There is a strobe mode switch in this torch, which makes the light go on and off rapidly. This can be used to temporarily stun and blind an intruder or an attacker.

  • Structure
  • The outer casing is made of aluminium.

  • Zoom
  • Its beam can be zoomed to focus on something in particular. You can also zoom out to illuminate a large area.

  • Power Source
  • This flashlight works with AAA batteries which can be recharged as needed.

  • Modes
  • Other than Strobe, it also has SOS mode and a low mode for when the battery is running low.

Negative Points

  • Brightness
  • We are told that the brightness of this flashlight is 5000 lux. While this may seem impressive, the real unit to measure brightness is lumens. Lumens are calculated according to the brightness of the light in a particular square foot area. As the same has not been mentioned in this ad, we cannot be sure as to exactly how much brighter this light is going to be when compared to other tac lights.

  • Impact Resistance
  • The commercial shows that the light will not be broken even if dropped from a height. However, we are not told the exact impact resistance of this flashlight, which is a term used to measure the durability of an object when dropped from a height. Most tac lights are warrantied to have an impact resistance of 1-3 meters. However, Atomic Beam provides no such number.

  • Battery Life
  • If you want to get the benefits of the light by keeping its beam to a high brightness, keep in mind that batteries will be consumed much faster in this mode.

How it's Different from Competitors

Atomic Beam may seem exceptionally bright, but the truth is that all tac flashlights are brighter than normal ones. This is hardly a unique product. In fact, there are several such flashlights in the market and all of them have special features like strobe mode and zooming function. If you want to buy this flashlight, you should first compare its price with others in the market to make sure you are getting the best value for your money.

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