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At&t is a security package that allows customers the basic home security solutions. It adds smoke detectors, carbon monoxide sensors and even glass break sensors. On top of this, with a smartphone - one can stay connected to their home 24 / 7 and check on anything they wish. One of the most flexible technologies available these days, at&t has gained much popularity.


  • Customizable
  • Setting up your home with this security service is extremely easy and convenient. One simply fills up a form indicating their needs and the company will create a package that fits those needs. There are no representatives to deal with, nor will anyone have to visit your home.

  • Add-ons Available
  • If you desire to opt-in for additional sensors and upgrade your package, this is possible to do at any time. To do this, there will be an additional monthly fee and additional equipment to purchase. In addition, these add-ons can be installed by the customer themselves.


  • Only Single Family Homes
  • Customers who have single family homes or townhouses that share ceilings / floors cannot use at&t security services. This limits their availability.

  • Occasional Technical Problems
  • This is especially the case when devices lose contact with the central processor. The programming is also a little limited and cannot cater very specific or customized commands.


  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Since the security plan connects to ones’ smartphone or pc, it gives the customer the chance to personally monitor their home security. Whether you have children or pets that you wish to check on, at&t offers this opportunity.

  • Easy To Use
  • There are no complicated features that require professional skill. Using the app and even installing new devices can be done by the customer themselves. This makes it ideal for families who don't want to deal with technical personnel.


At&t allows you to stay connected to your home even when you are away. Synced to your phone or tablet and even pc, you can access your home from anywhere and at any time. If you have kids or pets at home - you can rest assured knowing you are in loop at every moment.

How It Works

The security solution works by adding different sensors to your home. From fire alarms, door locks, to sensors - the security capabilities are customizable. These sensors are connected to your tablet, smartphone, or pc to allow for easy monitoring.

How it's Different from Competitors

Unlike other competitors that have fixed packages, at&t gives you the chance to tailor your security features. This way, customers only pay for what they need and don’t have to have unnecessary devices in their home.


  • Digital Home
  • This company is able to cater to more diverse customers. From industrial, hospitality, residential, to commercial industries - this company caters to a bigger and more diverse market.

  • Dsc
  • This company mainly focuses on electronic security and not necessarily home security.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Know What You Need
  2. Understand what is available to you from the start, and choose those options early. This will avoid adding on devices and dealing with prolonged technical setup.

  3. At&t Service
  4. Make sure your area has at&t service. This is especially true if you are planning to move and are currently in a contract with this company. If they cover your new area, the company will help you move your service to your new home.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What About Refunds?
  • The company has a 30 day return policy.

  • How Long Is The Warranty?
  • All equipment has a lifetime warranty.

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