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Beados are beads in kits for children of both genders and all ages, from which they can create many different images and objects. Each Beados kit comes with 1400 regular beads in various colors, plus 200 bonus crystal beads, and patterns and accessories to make play more interesting. The beads in these kits just stick together with water, and no heat or glue is required for use.

How It Works

Once you’ve stuck your Beados to a pattern pod by using the applicator pen, all you need to do is spray your design with water. You can do so by using the sprayer that comes with each kit. Just wait a few minutes, and the water will magically fuse all the beads together so that they morph into one image or object. When you pull your design off the pod, it will stay completely intact, and remain so throughout play.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Pick Pattern
  2. Pick from one of the 20 pattern templates that comes with each Beados kit. If you're very creative, or experienced with using Beados, you can also choose to create your own design.

  3. Fill The Applicator Pen
  4. As per the instructions, fill the applicator pen, also known as the pod pen, with the first color of beads you wish to use.

  5. Apply Beads
  6. Apply the beads in the applicator pen to a pattern pod, as per the pattern you've chosen or your own design. To apply each bead, you must push down on the small button found near the top of the pen.

  7. Switch Colors
  8. Once you need to switch colors, empty the applicator pen and fill it up again with the next needed color of beads.

  9. Spray With Water
  10. After you finish creating your design, spray the entire thing with water, using the sprayer provided in each Beados kit.

  11. Remove Design
  12. Following the spray, wait a few minutes and then remove your design from the pattern pod. Start playing with your new character or object, or create another one using the same process, if you like.


  1. Characters And Scenes
  2. You can use your Beados to create characters and scenes with which you can play pretend. Possible characters include animals and princesses, and possible scenes include towns or castles, or you can come up with totally different ideas on your own.

  3. Mirror Decorations
  4. Beados will stick to mirrors, so you can use them to create a unique design featuring your name, or any object that you’d like to see when you look at yourself each morning and night.

Positive Points

  • Not Messy
  • Many children’s crafts have to be stuck together with glue, which often makes a huge mess of both the children and the working area. This won’t happen when you use Beados, since the crafts are fused together with water, which can easily be wiped up if it ends up anywhere besides the pattern pod.

  • No Heat Required
  • Some designs made by children need to be fused together with heat, so these projects normally require the assistance of an adult. With Beados, all but the youngest children can create their designs independently, as the water sprayer that fuses the beads together is safe and easy to use.

  • Variety Of Beads
  • The standard beads in each Beados kit come in yellow, orange, green, white, pink, blue, and black, plus in addition to these, you get bonus pink and blue crystal beads. Therefore, you’ll be able to achieve a lot of variety within your designs.

  • Can Create 3-d Objects
  • Besides creating flat patterns, you can also create 3-d objects with Beados. Just stack the beads on top of each other to the desired height, and spray with water as usual. This makes playing pretend with the creations seem much more realistic.


  • Keep Away From Animals/babies
  • The beads in each Beados kit are very small, so as with all tiny objects, keep them away from babies and pets so they don't ingest them.


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