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The Better Sponge is a flexible kitchen sponge that you can use to clean almost any dish, from long skinny wine glasses to stainless steel pots and pans, without scratching it. This sponge comes in three different shades and three different shapes. Each sponge is made from durable, bendable silicone, so each will be able to reach every dirty inch of any dish and will also last you a long time.

How It Works

Each Better Sponge contains 3,000 tiny, finger-like silicone bristles that will work to pull any caked-on food off any dish as you gently move the sponge back and forth. While this sponge is gentle enough that it won't scratch up your glassware, it's strong enough to pull off thick grime like baked-on melted cheese, regardless of how long it's been on a certain dish.


  • Three Shades/shapes In Set
  • When you obtain a set of three of these sponges, each will come in a different shade and shape. You'll get an orange oval, a neon green circle, and a purple square. Not only is it fun to have sponges in different shades, their different shapes will make each one ideal for cleaning certain dishes in your kitchen.

  • Will Hang In Sink
  • Each Better Sponge has an attached suction cup so you can hang it on an inside wall of your sink when you're not using it. That means you'll never need to rummage through your kitchen looking for it when it's needed.

  • Bacteria, Mildew Resistant
  • Standard sponges tend to attract bacteria and mildew that may make humans sick, and will make any sponge smell, but this particular sponge is resistant to these substances. Therefore, it may still smell fresh years after you've begun using it!

  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Although you can rinse this sponge off if you'd like, it's also safe to put it in the dishwasher if it needs a more extensive cleaning than just a rinse.

Positive Points

  • Doubles As Potholder, Duster
  • The Better Sponge is resistant to heat, so you can use it as a potholder when you need to pull something hot out of the microwave or oven. It'll also double as a duster of sorts, since its extra-long bristles will enable it to remove pet hair and other fuzz from furniture.

  • Will Help You Grip Things
  • If you're dealing with a difficult-to-open jar, one of your sponges will help you here, too. Just wrap the sponge around the top of the jar, place your hand on top of the sponge, and grip the jar as usual. The sponge will stop your hand from slipping as you twist off the lid.

  • Can Be Used Outside Kitchen
  • Besides the kitchen, a Better Sponge can also be used elsewhere in the home, such as in the bathroom when you need to clean your mirrors and / or shower doors. You may even choose to take one outside to clean your patio furniture or the exterior of your car.

Negative Points

  • Show Dirt Easily
  • There's a downside to the attractive bright colors that these sponges come in—once they get covered in dirt, that dirt'll show easily. You may not be able to get every stain off by running your sponges through the dishwasher, either.

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