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The Bible Simplified is a four book set that summarizes and explains the bible in a small, easy to read format.


  • Book 1
  • Book one is a summary of the events that transpire in the bible before the creation of mankind and the garden of eden. The Bible Simplified takes these events and compresses them into an easily understandable mini book.

  • Book 2
  • Book two covers the content of the old testament in an easy to read mini book.

  • Book 3
  • Book three covers the teachings of jesus, and his purpose in coming to earth all in a mini book.

  • Book 4
  • Book four is a mini book containing a summary of the teachings of the apostles.


  • Short
  • Condensing the teachings of the bible into a series of mini books makes reading and understanding the bible a lot easier.

  • Easy To Read
  • Rather than sticking with direct translations or archaic language, the Bible Simplified breaks down the teaching of the bible into shorter, easy to understand mini books.

  • No Long Guides
  • The Bible Simplified breaks down the bible into an easy to read format. Since the bible has over forty different translations, and there are numerous books and guides on understanding the text of the bible, the Bible Simplified tries to condense this information. There's no need to have a religious studies degree, or be fluent in latin to understand the text of the Bible Simplified.

  • Great Place To Start
  • The Bible Simplified is a great place for a newcomer to the faith to start, or for someone who just wants to learn about christianity. Since it sums up the events and the importance of the bible, it is a solid beginning to religious understanding.

Save Money

Religious coursework can be a very informative route to take for people who are struggling with the content or language of the bible, but courses can also be quite expensive. There are multitudes of books out there that also attempt to guide readers through the bibles verses, but buying several of these books could be a costly endeavor. The Bible Simplified takes the information provided in the bible and changes the format so that anyone can read it and have a reasonable understanding of the bible.

Save Time

Religious studies coursework can be not only expensive, but also a long, difficult process. Cross-referencing the bible to a guide book can also be a grueling process, since you're essentially reading two books simultaneously. All of this, on top of the fact that there are over forty translations of the bible, and weeding out the differences in these may be more arduous than translating. The Bible Simplified takes this into account, and provides a reasonably sized summarized version of the bible that is simplified for the average reader.

Critical Advice

The infomercial for the products states that it is a great place to start. Bible Simplified is a good tool for understanding the difficult content of the bible for people of varying levels of faith. While it is a great tool, it should not be the only book you acquire for religious understanding, and while it explains the bible, it will not replace the bible.

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