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Block Out is a protective spray that will protect anything made from or covered with fabric from ugly, damaging stains. It will work on any type of fabric, including delicate types, without changing a fabric’s particular look and feel. The spray comes in both standard-sized and travel-sized bottles, so you can carry the travel-sized one wherever you go.

How It Works

Block Out protective spray contains a hydrophobic solution that repels liquids on contact, so they don’t seep into fabrics and stain them. However, the solution allows all fabrics to stay breathable, which means that air can continue to pass through them. Therefore, if you’re wearing a garment that’s been sprayed with Block Out, or sleeping in a fabric structure that’s been sprayed with it, you won’t automatically become hot and sweaty. When you spray this solution on any fabric that you want to protect, it will dry quickly and begin protecting the fabric immediately after application.


  1. Ties
  2. Men frequently spill drinks on their ties, especially when consuming alcoholic beverages such as wine, but Block Out will protect any tie from spills or drops.

  3. Upholstered Furniture
  4. Wine and other dark liquids like coffee can also ruin upholstered furniture during a dinner party, but you can protect the furniture throughout your house by using Block Out.

  5. Car Seats
  6. If you allow others to drink liquids in your moving vehicle, these people are likely to spill things, especially if they are children. The perfect solution is to spray your seats with Block Out before letting anyone consume beverages in your car.

  7. Boots
  8. If you've got expensive fashion boots that you don't want ruined by rain and snow, or work boots that you want to preserve, just give them the Block Out treatment.

  9. Camping Gear
  10. Camping gear tends to get dirty, especially when your trip is filled with rain resulting in drippy mud, but spraying your tents with Block Out will prevent permanent stains.

  11. Rvs
  12. Dirt from puddles sloshed up the sides of your shiny white RV won't look attractive. Fortunately, you can ensure that your RV stays clean by spraying it with Block Out before you leave on a trip.

  13. Patio Furniture
  14. Summer means dinner on the patio, and it's easy to spill your fruit punch or wine cooler all over the back of a chair. However, if you've sprayed all your patio furniture with Block Out before using it, liquid won't linger on any particular piece.

  15. Cement
  16. To keep the cement on your patio, doorstep, or walkway from becoming coated with unwanted liquid, you can spray these places with Block Out, too.

  17. Wedding Dresses
  18. The last thing you want to do when you're getting married is ruin your dress by spilling a drink on it, also ruining your wedding photos in the process. Luckily, wedding dresses can be sprayed with Block Out before the ceremony, and this won't affect their look.

  19. Handbags
  20. If you're worried about your expensive handbag being damaged by the liquids you may keep inside it, such as perfume or nail polish, apply Block Out to repel spills.

Positive Points

  • Easy On Skin
  • The specific formula used to create Block Out will not cause any irritation for those users with sensitive skin, if it comes in contact with the skin.


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