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Bright House Security customers receive an advanced home management system. This system is designed to control the home’s temperature, door chimes, security cameras and more. People can access all of their home security information right from their touch screen mobile device or online.


  • Accessible Information
  • Bright House Security allows people to access their information everywhere, even while on-the-go. Wherever they are, they can use their portable device to control their security system and see what is going on at their home.

  • Customizable
  • Bright House Security customers have the ability to customize their options. They can set up particular events or have their system notify them when certain things occur or do not occur in their home.


  • Monthly Payments
  • In addition to an installation fee, customers will have to continue to make a monthly payment. This may be financially stressful to many.

  • Not Portable
  • While you can access all of your home security information while on the go, the system is not easy to move. If you ever move out of your current home it may be stressful to transfer over your services.


  • Home Monitoring
  • With Bright House Security, you can truly keep an eye on your home. Wherever you go, you can check up on your home to see if the kids showed up on time or if your package arrived. This also allows you to personalize your system to snap a picture whenever the door opens.

  • Light Control
  • Bright House Security has light control that allows you to schedule when the lights turn on or off. You can even use these light controls to turn the lights on or of no matter where that you may be.


Bright House Security offers one of the most advanced home management systems in the country. They allow people to leave their home comfortably and feel safe while in it. Whether they are using their mobile device or online, people have complete control of their home.

How It Works

Furthermore, with the accessible features that Bright House Security offers - people can personalize their preferences as much as they like. This helps to protect against property loss, unwanted entry and wasted energy. Reliable sensors, arms and constant contact with home security professionals all help the process.

How it's Different from Competitors

Bright House Security is different from other home security providers because most of the information is made accessible. Others do not allow people to check up on their home while they are not there.


  • Adt Home Security
  • Adt home security offers an array of different features, mostly wireless, to protect people and their homes. Their customer service team works every day of the year and every minute of the day to keep up with their customers’ safety.

  • Lifeshield
  • Lifeshield home security is similar to Bright House Security because of the revolutionary technology that they use to protect their customers. They are different because they do not make much of their information portable.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Choose Wisely
  2. When living with Bright House Security, it is essential that you set your scheduled times wisely. The last thing that you want is your lights automatically turning on hours before you get home.

  3. Insurance Discount
  4. Be sure to check with your home insurance company about any discounts. Often times they will give their customers a nice discount because they are covered under a form of home security.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are They Reliable?
  • Yes, Bright House Security is reliable. You can trust their services because if you’re ever feeling uneasy, you can simply check up on your home on-the-go.

  • Does It Work 24/7?
  • Yes, Bright House Security offers 24 / 7 coverage to their customers.

  • Is There A Contract?
  • No, customers are not required to sign a yearly contract.

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