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Get your confidence back in just a matter of seconds with the help of Caboki. This amazing product instantly eliminates bald spots or the appearance of thinning hair. It provides people with a perfectly natural look no matter where they may be. Furthermore, it works great for both men and women.


  • All Natural
  • Caboki is made with completely all natural ingredients. It consists of natural fibers, all of which are derived from plants. This means that people who have a sensitive scalp can even use this product to enhance their look.

  • Long Lasting
  • After applying Caboki, the results will last you all day and night long. It will outlast even the toughest elements such as rain, sweat and wind.


  • Smears
  • If it is worn for too long, Caboki has the potential to smear onto clothing. Depending on the material, this product may stain permanently.

  • Bad Odor
  • Many users have discovered that Caboki gives off a very strong odor. The smell is worse than a typical hair spray and is extremely overwhelming.


  • Natural Colorants
  • Caboki is made with natural, mineral-based colorants from Mother Nature. It does not take on the help of artificial dyes that yield an unnatural look. These earthly elements boast soft yet extremely natural looking tones.

  • Powder Texture
  • Caboki boasts a powder texture. This means that it is not sticky and hard to apply like sprays. It is easy to apply this product to your scalp.


Not a spray or shoe polish, Caboki is unlike anything that you have ever used before. This all-natural product is a breakthrough for people who are dealing withh hair loss. It instantly eliminates bald spots and the look of thinning hair. Both men and women alike will love how well this product works when it comes to providing them with the look of full, healthy hair.

How It Works

When you sprinkle Caboki into a thinning area of your hair, it begins working immediately. The fibers cling to your hair like millions of tiny magnets. Each follicle of hair instantly becomes thicker and fuller.

How it's Different from Competitors

Caboki is different from other products because it is not a spray. This product is a powder that is sprinkled right onto the scalp for a much more natural looking appearance.


  • Prothik
  • Similar to Caboki, proTHIK is also a hair volumizer. This product is sprayed onto the hair for temporary relief from thinning and balding.

  • Dermmatch
  • DermMatch is an instant concealer for thin hair. Unlike Caboki, this product has a cream like texture rather than being a powder.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Clean Hair
  2. It is best to apply Caboki when your hair is clean. This prevents the product from clumping up into buildup in your hair for the most attractive results.

  3. Apply Sparingly
  4. You do not need to apply a lot of the Caboki powder to your hair. Apply just enough to cover the bald or thinning areas. If you apply too much, it will not look as natural and may rub off easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do You Remove It?
  • To remove Caboki, simply wash your hair like normal.

  • Does It Work If You’re Bald?
  • No, Caboki will not work if you are bald.

  • Is It Hypoallergenic?
  • Yes, Caboki is hypoallergenic and safe to use on even the most sensitive scalps.


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