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Cebria Memory Loss is a product that helps boost one’s ability to retain and recall new information. This all-natural supplement is backed by clinical research and is said to provide results in 30 days. Its main purpose is to help with memory loss.


  • Effective
  • No matter who you are, Cebria Memory Loss is proven to enhance your short-term memory. This product allows you to recall names better, think faster and remember more. It drastically enhances cognitive health.

  • Safe
  • Multiple studies have shown that Cebria Memory Loss is safe to consume. It does not have the potential to produce any undesirable side effects.


  • Difficult To Swallow
  • Cebria Memory Loss comes in capsule form and these are large in size. Due to their bulky size, many people have a difficult time swallowing these and getting them to stay down. This is a common problem that many people are forced to deal with when taking supplements.

  • Daily Doses
  • For the best results, Cebria Memory Loss needs to be taken on a daily basis. Many people struggle remembering to take their daily capsule. This is especially true for people who deal with a busy schedule.


  • Neuropeptides
  • Cebria Memory Loss is the only source of a unique proprietary blend of neuropeptides. This particular ingredient is the key to fostering neurons which improves connections to the brain. When this is done, it helps combat age-related memory loss, brain fog and metal fuzziness.

  • Pure Ingredients
  • For your safety, Cebria Memory loss is made of only certified pure ingredients. This supplement contains no herbs, yeast, gluten, purine or fat. These natural ingredients ensure that it is safe and effective.


With already 12 million doses already taken around the world, Cebria Memory Loss is absolutely safe and effective. This supplement is made of only certified pure ingredients which ensure it helps people improve their memory. Cebria Memory Loss provides dramatic short-term memory improvement.

How It Works

Cebria Memory Loss was developed by a leading European company that has dedicated 20 years of research to the study of Alzheimer's disease. It contains a unique blend of neuropeptides which help combat age-related memory loss by fostering neurons that improve connections in the brain.

How it's Different from Competitors

Cebria Memory Loss is different from other supplements on the market because it focuses on memory rather than cognitive health as a whole. Furthermore, it is natural and safe.


  • Prevagen
  • Prevagen is a supplement that is used to help improve memory. Unlike Cebria Memory Loss, this product focuses more on cognitive health.

  • Brain Alert
  • Brain Alert is a cognitive enhancement supplement that focuses on all aspects of brain health, not just memory. Similar to Cebria Memory Loss, it contains only natural ingredients in order to be safe for consumption.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Consume With Food
  2. Just like with any other supplement, Cebria Memory Loss may cause stomach pain. The best way to prevent this is by taking the supplement after a meal, specifically breakfast, or with a large cup of water.

  3. Do Not Skip Doses
  4. If you want to see results with Cebria Memory Loss, you should not skip doses. Be sure to take the supplement daily for maximum results.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Many Capsules Are There?
  • A box of Cebria Memory Loss contains 30 capsules.

  • Who Should Take It?
  • People should take Cebria Memory Loss if they want to improve their age-related memory loss.

  • When Are Results Noticed?
  • Results will be noticed after a few weeks of taking Cebria Memory Loss.

3 REVIEWS FOR Cebria Memory Loss

Noticeable Effects

Auggie | Hanover Park, IL | 28 Jun 2016

I've been taking this product for about 17 days. Package states "See Results In 30 Days. " I saw some noticeable results even after only 4 days, but they were slight. After the second week, I began thinking clearer, had better communication skills, as well as cognitive abilities. Memory has improved some and my recall of details of past events seemed to come more easy. My wife, unaware I am taking Cebria, has commented on my good memory several times in the past week. She is also 15 yrs younger than me and has an excellent memory for details. She usually wins all the arguments due to her total recall of what we discussed and what we said. More specifically, what I said. But recently I've been recalling exact quotes ( hers and mine ) of our past discussions. . . Which has made me a better debater and more productive as a troubleshooter, and decision maker. Debating aside, problem solving difficult tasks and brainstorming is less burdensome as well. Solutions come more quickly with assertiveness and confident conveyance. As a side note, I've also noticed I have more energy, motivation and improved feeling of general well being when I take it first thing in the morning. Its possible I've had good results so quickly due to living a healthy lifestyle already with strong beliefs in keeping the body clean and toxin free. Pure water, air, & food, with regular exercise and quality sleep.

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Jeanne Palmsteen | Baldwinsville, NY | 10 Feb 2016

Just took 1 st. Tablet excited!

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This May Work....

F Spen | Dallas, | 23 Jul 2014

Well, I will say this. I ordered Cebria and tried it it didnt seem to work so I called them back before the trial period to cancel and they said they would extend another week or so and if I didn't see any improvement to send it back, so I took the extend and sent it back and they did not give me any push back or problems. ***I said that to say this, I really think I made a mistake by returning it, because I believe it was making my memory sharper and I didn't really recognize it because I was assuming it would take an immediate and more noticeable and quick affect. I'm going to reorder and stick with it because I was becoming more 'aware' while on it.****I guess I returned it because I got cold feet and wanted to see a quicker reaction before I was scammed. I really think they may be on to something, I just wasn't patient at the time. Fs 7 / 23/2014.

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Josephat02 Aug 2014

So are you planning on purchasing Cebria again?

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Jeanne Palmsteen10 Feb 2016

Will see how it works!

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