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Clear TV is an antenna for your hdtv that will pick up nearby broadcast television stations. It is advertised as a less expensive alternative to cable and satellite.


  • Razor Thin Design
  • Clear tv attaches to the back of your hdtv in an unobtrusive way.

  • Easy Installation
  • Uses suction fasteners to attach to your television and requires no assembly.

  • No Contract Required
  • Clear TV is an antenna, which means it picks up free stations and thus doesn't require a monthly payment like cable.


  • Low Price
  • You only pay the upfront cost of the device ( along with p&h ). After that, you continue to receive television stations from the Clear tv at no additional cost.

  • Appealing Design
  • Clear tv just sticks to the back of your television. No unsightly bunny ears.


  • No Cable Or Satellite Stations
  • You just need to be aware of what you're getting. Clear tv never promises cable or satellite, so the only stations you will receive are over-the-air stations.

  • Proximity
  • Clear tv operates best within 25 miles of a transmitting tower. If you fall outside this range, you may experience fuzzier quality and / or less channels.

  • May Require An Amplifier
  • If you aren't within the desirable proximity of a transmitter tower, you may need to purchase an amplifier in order to receive adequate signal strength. Amplifiers are available for an additional cost.

Does It Really Work?

Yes, clear tv, given its stipulations on proximity to transmitters, does really work. You can check your local listings to see what broadcasts are available in your area and expect to receive those via clear tv's antenna.

Save Money

Clear tv will save you money by only presenting you with the one-time upfront purchase cost of the device. When compared to monthly payments for satellite, cable, and even streaming services, you will be saving money by never entering a contract for monthly payments. If you're satisfied with the broadcast stations, you will never have to pay for television again.

Save Time

Typical cable and satellite installation require making an appointment and then staying at your home for a certain window of time. When the technician does arrive, you can expect to wait anywhere from one to a couple hours to be up and running. Clear tv installs quickly and easily in a matter of minutes; once it's attached to your television it will scan for and receive channels.

Tips & Tricks

  1. For Best Performance
  2. Place your Clear Tv on an exterior wall facing the nearest transmitter tower. This will make it easier for clear tv to receive the signals and result in a better picture for you.

  3. You Can Put It Anywhere
  4. Clear tv does not have to attach to your television. Find the best place for clear tv so you get the best performance, whether or not that is right behind your television.

Critical Advice

Many newer televisions already come equipped with a built-in antenna that can receive the same signals as the clear tv. The bulk of user reviews indicate that clear tv does not provide a greater number of stations than any other antenna.


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