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The Clever Cutter is a double edged kitchen tool designed to cut through a variety of otherwise challenging cooking tasks.


There are two types of blades offered so that consumers can switch out for the best one suited to their task. The Clever Cutter has a straight blade designed to slice through blocks of cheese, meats, vegetables, or fruits. Then there is the wavy blade which lets consumers decoratively cut through some of the same foods, in a more creative way.

When consumers place an order they are paying roughly the same as they would for any other kitchen utensil of this quality, and consumers seem quite satisfied. Each order comes with the straight and wavy blades and have a built-in cutting board.

It is the cutting board which makes the process simple. Rather than holding down a large cutting board and trying to slice away at food, consumers can hold this tool in their hands the same way they would a pair of scissors. Then they just squeeze down and slice through the foods directly onto the cutting board.

Food can be chopped up in seconds. They purport that this tool alleviates the mess typically caused by chopping food in the kitchen by keeping everything fast and contained.

The tool comes with a safety latch which keeps it closed when not in use, perfect for families with small children.


  • Steel
  • The knives are made out of steel, so they are sturdy and reliable and the rest of the unit is made from plastic.

  • Dishwasher Safe
  • It is safe to put in the dishwasher which means the cutting board can be cleaned as soon as cooking is done.

  • Deluxe Options
  • Consumers have the option of buying a “deluxe version” of the tool for an extra five dollars per blade.


  • China
  • The two blades are manufactured in Germany where there exist very strict rules for all production and manufacturing. However, the tools themselves are built in China where there are very few regulations and not a lot of oversight.

  • Mandatory Double Offer
  • The company provides a “double offer” whereby you get two of the Clever Cutters for “free”, but consumers are forced to pay shipping and handling on the second. There is no option for opting out of this “gift”. What’s more, this product is sold in stores for only fifteen dollars on average, roughly ten dollars less than the infomercial website.

Does It Really Work?

This tool works as effectively as advertised depending on which food is being cut. If consumers are cutting hard or crisp foods like cheeses, it will work very well. However, if they are cutting softer foods like tomatoes, it can sometimes crush them and make an oozing mess of seeds. Cutting carrots as they do on the infomercial does not land each carrot piece inside the salad bowl, but all over.


  • Exhausting
  • Nowhere does the site warn consumers about how tiring such a cutting motion can be. Cutting through thick foods is as difficult as cutting through a large block with regular scissors so it tires the hands quickly. If consumers have arthritis, it can exacerbate it.

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