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The Copper Crisper infomercial states that it is a fryer which is designed out of non-stick mesh. This non-stick mesh is meant to all for easy air flow throughout the entire fryer so that cooking takes place evenly around all parts of the food. As such, it reduces any need for turning or rotating food while simultaneously stopping food from getting stuck or burnt to the bottom.


This product is meant to work with two components, though only the first component is sold as the main product with the second component a “Free gift”. The second item, the non-stick bake tray, can function on its own the same as the fryer, working as a regular bake tray or working beneath the fryer to catch falling drippings.

How it's Different from Competitors

Copper Crisper works similarly to comparable products like Cooklite Aero and AirWave. It costs a bit more but it does not rely upon a cup placed above a heating element which circulates hot air. Instead, it relies upon an oven to naturally circulate the air. By comparison, the Copper Crisper browns food on the outside and keeps them moist on the inside.

Positive Points

  • Better Cooking
  • It makes cooking certain foods much easier. This product doesn’t take a lot of effort to use but it saves consumers time and hassle when they are baking. For example: cooking foods like mozzarella sticks or sweet potato fries doesn’t require turning over the hot foods in the middle of preparation. Additionally, it also keeps the outside from burning in exchange for a nice, gooey inside.

  • Easy Clean Up
  • The air fryer has a copper bake pan that comes separately with the order. This attachment is particularly nice because it catches any drippings from the fryer, which makes clean up much easier. Rather than trying to clean up burnt cheese or grease from cooked food off of the stove bottom, consumers can just clean it off of the bake sheet.

Negative Points

  • Bake Sheet Extra
  • The “free” offer provided for consumers who place their order online still charges shipping and handling. Consumers get the bake tray “free” of charge, which is what catches any drippings from the Copper Crisper and keeps the oven clean. This means consumers who want the copper bake sheet that really helps the elevated tray work efficiently have to pay for shipping and handling.

  • Copper Only In Color
  • The product is not real copper cookware but has a copper color on the outside. It is instead the brand name, but a misleading one. Consumers might think that it is a real, one hundred percent copper fryer. However, the company doesn’t provide information about how much, if any, copper is in the product. Instead they boast about the ceramic design responsible for the non-stick aspect and Teflon which is responsible for conducting heat evenly and quickly.

  • Not A Fryer
  • The Copper Crisper stated that it is a unique fryer but it isn’t technically a fryer. To fry foods, they must be put into boiling oil, which this item does not do.

  • No Fried Taste
  • Consumers have complained that the taste of the food is different too compared to fried foods. Again, this does not mean that the item itself doesn’t work well or that it is bad. Instead, it means that the name is completely misleading. Consumers think their food will be fried, or taste fried at the very least and in reality it lives up to neither of those.

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Piece of Junk

Donna | Newton, NC | 23 Nov 2016

We bought this product thinking it would be good to use to cut down on frying foods. What a waste of money. After trying to cook fish and French fries for over an hour, we gave up and got the fry daddy back out. A total waste of time, money and electricity!

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