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Copper Fit Back Pro is a belt for the lower back that provides compression and support, soothing the muscles and allowing them to relax. It is suitable for adult men and women of all ages; it can be worn by office workers, physical laborers, recreational fitness enthusiasts, and even professional athletes. Regardless of what you're doing while you wear it, you'll most likely find that it enhances your energy level and range of mobility.

How It Works

Each Copper Fit Back Pro belt is made of moisture-wicking compression fabric with copper infusions. As the stretchy fabric offers support to your lower back and wicks away sweat, making you feel comfortable as you move throughout your day, the copper will help with the fighting of odors and bacteria. Hence, even if you engage in a heavy physical workout or sit in the same position for hours, you'll be able to stay fairly clean, dry, and free of lower back pain or stiffness.


  • Black And Bronze
  • Each of these belts comes in basic black with striking bronze racing stripes and the Copper Fit logo on the back in bronze. You can rest assured that if a bit of sweat or dark dirt does end up on your belt, it'll won't easily show against a black background.

  • Two Sizes Available
  • Copper Fit Back Pro comes in a smaller size that's suitable for people with waists between 28 and 39 inches, and a larger size that'll best fit waists from 39 to 50 inches.

  • Flexible Fabric
  • The fabric used to create each belt is flexible, so if you gain or lose a couple of inches on your waist, your belt will likely still fit you well. However, these belts have also been designed to be form-fitting, so as soon as yours is in place, it'll hug your waist gently yet firmly enough to support the lower back.

  • Secures At Waist
  • Each of these belts closes at the front of the body, at the waistline, so you'll be able to quickly adjust yours on the fly without fumbling behind you, if need be.

  • Can Be Discreet
  • While you may want to wear your belt over your clothes while you work out, it can also be hidden under most tops and dresses. This'll come in handy while you're at work, especially if you work somewhere that requires a uniform or professional dress, and / or you don't want anyone to know you're wearing a compression garment.

Positive Points

  • Delivers Quick Results
  • After you put your Copper Fit Back Pro on, you'll begin to feel the benefits of its compression in your lower back almost immediately.

  • Doesn't Cover Chest, Shoulders
  • While some compression garments will cover your chest and shoulders along with your back, without providing any direct benefits to those other areas, this belt will only cover the waist / lower back area.

Save Money

Since this garment will make your lower back feel better each time you wear it, and it can be worn on a daily basis, you won't need to see a chiropractor frequently, if at all.

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