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The primary goal of Cox Home Security is to provide their customers with the freedom of a peace of mind. Furthermore, Cox Home Security uses the help of high-tech equipment to keep your family and home safe. Some of the features include carbon monoxide detectors and monition sensors. Cox is a trusted brand that many consumers choose over other options available to them.


  • Home Control
  • Home control allows people to manage their home with better efficiency and security. They will save time and money by being able to set up rules for lighting. Customers can also set up rules for heating. Furthermore, they will be able to manage their phone anywhere with the handy smartphone app.

  • Constant Video
  • Indoors or outdoors, the cameras offered by Cox Home Security can record day and night. People can take snapshots, record short clips and stream life. The video feed can be accessed online via the smartphone app or right at home with their touchscreen controller and television set.


  • Monthly Payments
  • When you are a member of Cox Home Security, you will have to pay monthly payments in addition to the installation fee. This can become financially stressful to people who would rather pay one lump sum for security.

  • Not Nationwide
  • Cox Home Security is not offered consistently across the united states. Only certain states are eligible for this home security service.


  • 24/7 Security
  • With Cox Home Security, your doors and windows are connected to a 24 / 7 professional monitoring center. If anything triggers the alarms, their trained experts will notify you via email or text for voice verification.

  • Virtual Petsitter
  • The virtual petsitter feature allows people to see what their pets are doing while they are not home.


Cox Home Security offers an array of specialized features and unique home security packages. They work hard to protect your valuables, family and home. With Cox Home Security, people can know exactly what is going on inside and outside of their home with their smartphone app. Furthermore, they are committed to providing their customers with a great experience and safety confidence.

How It Works

The renowned equipment that is used by Cox Home Security is what makes their services so trustworthy and effective. This home security company works to protect against unwanted intruders, property loss and damage to your home. Cox Home Security allows for a constant look into your home.

How it's Different from Competitors

Cox Home Security is different from other companies because of the competitive features that they offer. They work to protect your home even while you are not there. Furthermore, they allow you to know what is going on - even when you are not home.


  • Simplisafe
  • Unlike Cox Home Security, customers will not have to sign a service contract with simplisafe. On the other hand, this means that their systems have to be self-installed. Self-installation may be difficult for some people.

  • Bright House Security
  • Bright house security is similar to Cox Home Security because of the portable features that they offer. With both companies, people can check up on their house with the help of a mobile application.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Home Insurance
  2. With Cox Home Security, you may be eligible for a discount on your home insurance. Many home insurance providers give discounts to people with security because their home is protected and monitored at all times.

  3. Be Smart About Codes
  4. Always be smart when picking the codes that will be used for your security systems. Do not chose something that is too hard to remember - and do not chose something that intruders will be able to easily guess. Intruders are not always people you don’t know – which is something to keep in mind when selecting a security code.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are They Reliable?
  • Security offered by Cox Home Security is very reliable. If you are ever feeling unsure about the safety of your home, call one of the reliable representatives.

  • Is There A Contract?
  • Yes, customers are required to sign a contract with Cox Home Security to receive their service.

  • Why Cox Home Security?
  • Most people select Cox Home Security because of the extraordinary features they use to keep their customers safe.

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