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Daily burn is an effective workout routine that allows people to jump-start their weight loss goals. This program eases people back into fitness as they fire up their metabolism, strength and stability over a four week period. Whether you are starting out or starting over, daily burn is a great option for you.


  • Easy To Use
  • Anyone will find daily burn extremely easy to use. All of the information is made accessible on one single page and the workouts are easy to follow. You will be able to discover the perfect workouts for your schedule. Working out has never been easier.

  • Work Out Anywhere
  • Thanks to daily burn, people will be able to work out no matter where they are. Users can connect and stream their workouts from all of their favorite electronic devices.


  • Monthly Fee
  • Instead of requiring one single down payment, users will have to pay a monthly fee in order to be members of daily burn. This may become a financial burden to people who would rather pay one lump some rather than a collection of payments.

  • Not Too Challenging
  • People who are at a more advanced level of fitness, may find daily burn to be repetitive and not too challenging. The more experience that you are, the less that daily burn has the potential to provide your body with a good workout.


  • Different Workouts
  • When it comes to working out, it is certain that daily burn will have just what you are looking for. From beginners workouts to intense cardios, daily burn offers an array of different workouts so people can find just what they are looking for. Users will have access to over 100 workouts that range from 15 minutes to an hour.

  • Community Support
  • Daily burn users will be embraced with support from other users. This is great, since it helps people remain inspired and on track to all of their fitness goals.


Daily burn is a personalized weight loss program that provides the support and resources that people need to reach their goals. It is an interactive community of learners, health enthusiasts and a wide variety of effective workouts. The membership comes included with customized workouts, recipes and meal plans for maximum results.

How It Works

Daily burn is effective because it provides people with the inspiration and personal treatment that they need to stay on track. By sticking with the program, people are sure to see the results that they have been anxiously waiting for.

How it's Different from Competitors

Daily burn is different from other fitness memberships because it is customized. Every member gets personalized information that will make the experience enjoyable and much more effective than anything else.


  • Traineo
  • Also a weight loss community, traineo feature diet, motivation and exercise tips. The main different is that it does not feature actual workout videos.

  • Sparkpeople
  • Sparkpeople is considered to be the largest online diet and healthy living community. It features a calories counter, nutrition advice, message boards and other personal tools.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Use Regularly
  2. To achieve the best results, it is crucial that you use Daily Burn on a regular basis. It is best to make an effort to log in at least once per day. By doing so, you will achieve the inspiration and information that is required to keep up with your fitness.

  3. Workout Videos
  4. Take advantage of all of the workout videos that daily burn has to offer. They have a little bit of everything. Daily burn offers yoga, cardio, strength, kickboxing and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are There Recommendations?
  • Yes, every member of daily burn will receive personalized workout recommendations.

  • What Does It Include?
  • Daily burn memberships include meal plans, recipes, customized workouts and a community that is full of support.

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