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DaVinci Pro is a unique peeling utensil that has various uses. First, you are able to peel anything – whether it is a soft tomato or a hard pineapple. Next, you can cut thin or thick strips of cheese, meat, veggies, or fruit. The options become quite creative with this product, as its usefulness never seems to stop.


  • Small Size
  • Unlike many appliances that also do the same thing as DaVinci Pro, this product has the advantage of not taking up too much room in your kitchen. Since it’s a space saver, you will be more likely to use it – as room will not need to be made on the kitchen counter for this product.

  • Multiple Uses
  • You can slice tofu for vegetarian dishes, or slices thick pieces of cheese for a snack plate. Additionally, you are able to choose whether you want thin or thick slices through the DaVinci Pro’s reversible knife. This product is an all in one tool that gets all your peeling needs completed.


  • Made Of Plastic
  • The handle is made of plastic, which is not known to last ages. Though it is usually not a concern, handling this product with care will ensure it lasts a long time.

  • Manual Labor
  • While this product is great for peeling a few produce for a dish or two, peeling many items will leave you feeling sore. This is a manual tool that requires some effort on your part.


  • Peel, Slice And Chop
  • DaVinci Pro lets you peel, slice and chop your food with just one tool. This is an unusual combination for one product.

  • Thin And Thick Slices
  • With DaVinci Pro, you have the option of slicing either thin or thick pieces. Simply turn your peeler in the direction of your preferred slice width and begin the process.


The kitchen is usually filled with tools and appliances that are bulky and do simple tasks. Now, you can have a kitchen tool that peels, slices and chops your food while not taking up acres of space on your counter. Furthermore, the DaVinci Pro does the work of multiple appliances and leaves your food freshly sliced, chopped and peeled. Preparing food has never been easier than with DaVinci Pro.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Find The Right Angle
  2. Figure out which way to hold your DaVinci Pro so that you are both comfortable and the tool works well.

  3. Try Many Items
  4. Use the Davinci Pro on many products. Try it on meat, cheese, vegetables and tofu. The options are limitless, so you can experiment with many different foods.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is It Durable?
  • Yes, the DaVinci Pro is very durable. However, if it breaks, this product does come with a lifetime replacement. This means once you buy this product, you will never be short a peeling product.

  • Is It Safe For Kids?
  • As with all sharp objects, children should be supervised by an adult if they are to handle this product. Very young children should not be allowed to use the DaVinci Pro.

  • What About A Bonus?
  • Yes, the DaVinci Pro comes with a bonus. It is a cutting board that folds into a funnel-like form, allowing you to dump your veggies into a pan with convenience.

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