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The Eggstractor is a device that'll quickly peel your hard-boiled eggs so that you won't need to peel them by hand. It doesn't rely on batteries or electricity, and has no extremely sharp parts, so children and adults alike can use it. By using the two-piece plastic apparatus, you'll be able to peel your eggs approximately 10 times faster than you would be able to by using just your fingers.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Tap Egg Against Device
  2. To start, tap the top of a hard-boiled egg gently against the Eggstractor's base, which should be sitting securely on a flat surface ( such as a countertop ).

  3. Place Egg Over Hole
  4. After tapping the egg, place it vertically over the Eggstractor's special extracting hole, which you'll find within its base.

  5. Push Down With Billow
  6. Finally, take the Eggstractor's accordion-style billow and push down on the egg with it. You may wish to use both hands during this step.

  7. Retrieve Egg
  8. Once you push down on the billow, your egg will drop through the extracting hole and onto the flat surface below your device. At that point, you can retrieve it and prepare it for serving in whatever way you choose.

How It Works

When you push down on an egg with the Eggstractor's billow, it pushes air out of the egg's air cell, a small space at the top of each egg that is filled with air. As the air is pushed out, it causes the egg's shell to separate from the rest of the egg and come off.


  • Hand Peeling
  • Peeling your hard-boiled eggs by hand will increase the time it takes you to peel them, and this method may also irritate your hands and fingers. Plus, when you use the Eggstractor instead, you won't have a bunch of messy pieces of shell lying around, as each egg's shell will remain sitting in the device after the egg has been peeled.


  1. Easter Eggs
  2. If you're planning on decorating eggs for Easter, you can use the Eggstractor to quickly peel a large amount of hard-boiled eggs. That way, it'll be unlikely that any decorator will feel as if they didn't get to paint or dye enough of them.

  3. Salads
  4. Whether you're going to be mixing your boiled eggs with mayonnaise to make egg salad, or sprinkling loose pieces of egg over a lettuce salad, your Eggstractor will come in handy for peeling purposes.

  5. Deviled Eggs
  6. Deviled eggs can be made very quickly when you make use of the Eggstractor. You'll need to simply peel the eggs with the device, slice them in two, and then add mayonnaise or mustard to the centers.

  7. Fancy Egg Dishes
  8. You can also use your Eggstractor to peel your boiled eggs when you want to make fancier egg dishes, such as an egg trifle, which normally consists of layered vegetables and a layer of eggs.

Positive Points

  • Promotes Protein Consumption
  • Since eggs contain protein, and the Eggstractor will enable you to prepare dishes that contain eggs more quickly, having one of these devices will encourage you to consume more protein. By doing so, you're likely to become healthier.

  • Recipe Book Included
  • Each Eggstractor comes with a book that contains 101 recipes you can make with eggs.

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Paul Kelly | South St. Paul, MN | 30 Dec 2015

I have gone through 3 dozen eggs following the instructions exactly with not one egg peeling successfully. I would like a refund but they provide no way to make contact with the main office. I'm not surprised. Once they have your money you are stuck with a piece of junk.

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