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The Enduracool towel is a multi-cooling towel that stays cool for hours. Those who engage in high intensity activities, such as workouts or outdoors sports, often experience dehydration. This is a result of the loss of fluid that accompanies sweating. When soaked, the fabric cools down, reducing your body temperature to avoid dehydration.


  • Worn Six Different Ways
  • This means you not only have a towel, but a headdress - and anything you need to cool off. Such versatility is ideal for people who lead active lifestyles and don’t know what they’ll be up to next. The fabric is also very comfortable and will not cause any irritation.

  • Easy To Wash
  • Enduracool is washing machine friendly and dries easily. No longer will you need to wait a long time for the towel to dry. When dry, this product absorbs sweat easily while providing its cooling properties.


  • Costly For A Towel
  • Considering the fact that enduracool is a towel - no matter how special - makes it quite pricey.

  • Holes Smaller Than Expected
  • The holes that are featured seem to be smaller than what appears in the photo. This results in super tight fits that can be uncomfortable to wear.


  • Chemical Free
  • The towel doesn’t contain any chemicals to help it keep cool. This makes it safe for use by anyone of any age. Simply wetting the towel will keep it cool for hours.

  • Reusable And Machine Washable
  • The towel not only provides UPF 50 protection from the sun, but is also very easy to wash and reuse. Instead of purchasing multiple towels, one will only need this versatile cooling towel.


Dehydration is one of the most common problems faced by those who engage in physical activity. When this happens, partial sunburns are also visible - especially during the summer months. The Enduracool towel keeps your body at a lower temperature, thereby preventing dehydration and its side effects. In addition to this, it also gives that instant cool down people seek after exertion.

How It Works

The multi-cooling towel is made from a fabric that instantly cools when soaked with water, wrung and snapped in the air. With this simple action, the cooling properties are activated. Its fiber is a multi-yarn, high performance material that is able to absorb moisture from perspiration. Once sweat is absorbed into the material, water circulates and regulates the rate of evaporation - enabling prolonged cooling.

How it's Different from Competitors

Unlike other cooling towels that make use of chemicals, Enduracool towel doesn’t contain such harmful agents. In addition, the towel is able to last for long periods of time without requiring any major action on the part of the user. Cooling the towel is as easy as wetting it, wringing it and then snapping it in the air.


  • Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad
  • This is different in the sense that it gets quite hard when dry, unlike the Enduracool, which retains its texture. It also lasts for four hours.

  • Chill-its 6602
  • This is smaller than Enduracool, measuring only 13 inches wide and 29.5 inches long.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Take It Wherever You Go
  2. The towel can be used for anyone who leads an active lifestyle. Not only does it absorb sweat like any other towel - it also keeps you cool no matter the temperature outdoors.

  3. Use Sweat To Wet It
  4. Whenever one finds themselves in a place where water isn’t instantly available, the product can be activated using sweat. Any liquid - even sweat - can be used to active the cooling properties.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Long Can It Stay Cool?
  • It can last up to two hours depending on the surrounding temperature, climate and body temperature.

  • How Cold Can It Get?
  • Typically, the fabric cools down to 30 degrees.

  • Does It Improve Performance?
  • By helping you cool down faster, the towel lets you conserve your energy - which may increase your endurance.

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