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Ez Clasp is a unique and discreet necklace extender that is simple to use. This product will make your necklaces longer without requiring any jewelry tools. It can be used to lengthen a choker into a necklace, or to simply make your necklaces easier to put on and more comfortable to wear.


  • Easy To Use
  • Ez Clasp is literally an easy clasp. All you have to do to use it is attach it to both ends of your necklace. The powerful magnets will keep the necklace clasped until you remove the jewelry.

  • Increases Accessory Choices
  • With Ez Clasp, your jewelry wardrobe will virtually double in size. That beautiful short chain choker that you love will become a longer necklace within seconds.


  • Long Hair Can Get Caught
  • The Ez Clasp has such a powerful magnet, that it is possible that it will get caught in longer hair. To avoid this difficulty, either put the magnets together in front of your neck and then revolve the necklace, or put the necklace on with your hair up.

  • Magnet Stick To Metal Objects
  • This potential drawback is not very serious. It is good to know, though, that the magnetized Ez Clasp may stick to items like earrings, rings, or other jewelry if stored with those items. If your jewelry box has individual compartments, store the Ez Clasp separately to avoid this from happening.


  • Both Gold And Silver
  • Everyone likes to match gold earrings with gold necklaces, and with Ez Clasp, you can extend either your silver or your gold necklaces with a matching color Ez Clasp. This product is available in both silver and gold tones, so it goes with almost every necklace.

  • Durable
  • Magnets can wear out over time. The magnets contained in the Ez Clasp, however, are powerful enough to last virtually forever.


The infomercial demonstrates the product, including how easy it is to attach to a necklace. While some people have difficulty clasping necklaces without the assistance of someone else, the Ez Clasp makes clasping necklaces simple. Furthermore, the infomercial shows off both colors available, including silver and gold. Finally, the viewer can see how a necklace can change for fashion purposes when the Ez Clasp is used to extend a necklace and hang lower on the chest.

How It Works

The secret to the Ez Clasp is its powerful magnets. Simply attach the Ez Clasp to the ends of the necklace you wish to extend, and then hold the magnets together. Then, the necklace will not fall off until you take it off.


  • Non-magnetized Clasps
  • Unlike other necklace extenders, Ez Clasp is magnetized. This means that your necklace will rest securely around your neck until you remove it. Other extenders, which use non-magnetized closures, can loosen or break, resulting in dropped or lost jewelry.

  • Buying More Jewelry
  • If the perfect necklace for your outfit is just too short, you can always buy a similar longer chain. With Ez Clasp, there is no need to purchase another necklace. Just extend your favorite chain with the Ez Clasp and it is like having two necklaces for the price of one.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Mix And Match
  2. While some people prefer not to use gold extenders with silver chains, the effect can be quite pretty. Since EZ Clasp comes in both silver and gold colors, you can decide what look is best for you.

  3. Pull Your Hair Up
  4. You certainly do not have to wear your hair up every time that you use Ez Clasp. However, if you at least hold long hair out of the way when putting the magnetic tips together, you can prevent any loose hairs from getting between the magnets.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will It Alter The Necklace?
  • No. Ez Clasp merely extends the necklace until you remove the clasp from the necklace. The original necklace can still be worn at its shorter length when you remove Ez Clasp whenever you wish.

  • Will It Tarnish?
  • Not usually. However, as with all jewelry, exposure to air or natural skin oils, over a long period of time, can result in slight discoloration.


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