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The Flex Mini is an FDA cleared electronic medical grade toning device that has been proven to work in just a matter of weeks. This product allows people to tone, lift a firm various aspects of their body. It is guaranteed that people will notice a difference after using the Flex Mini.


  • Can Be Used Anywhere
  • Customers will be able to use their Flex Mini anywhere, no matter what they may be doing. People can be surfing the net, doing chores, reading, putting on their make-up or even reading all while wearing their Flex Mini.

  • Safe Technology
  • The technology that is used by the Flex Mini is very safe. It is the same technology that is used by sports medicine professional, medical doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists and celebrity personal trainers.


  • Limited Benefits
  • The Flex Mini only targets certain aspects of the body which are the butt and backs of your thighs. It is a concentrated butt workout. These limited benefits may not be desirable to people who are looking for a full body workout.

  • Uncomfortable
  • The Flex Mini needs to be wrapped around the waist and around the upper thighs. When it is wrapped around the body, it can be rather uncomfortable.


  • Gel Pads
  • The Flex Mini is designed with medical-grade gel pads. These pads cover your buttocks and the upper backs of your thighs. During your toning session, these pads will help target the areas for maximum results.

  • Toning Technology
  • What makes the Flex Mini effective is the Toning Technology. This technology has been clinically demonstrated to target muscles with electric impulses. The same technology is use by a wide array of medical professionals.


The Flex Mini is the first product that was cleared by the FDA for lifting, toning and firming the butt along with the upper thighs. With this clinically demonstrated product, you can give your entire rear a concentrated and powerful workout. It is time to get confident with this revolutionary product.

How It Works

What makes the Flex Mini so effective is the medical-grade electronic muscle stimulation technology. This technology stimulates all of the nerves in your target areas. During this process, it makes the muscles relax and contract, exactly like exercise but without all of the work.

How it's Different from Competitors

The Flex Mini is different from other fitness products on the market because it uses technology. This technology allows you to get in a powerful workout without having to do much work.


  • Brazil Butt Lift
  • Unlike the Flex Mini, Brazil Butt Life is a workout dvd. This product requires people to actually work and is not FDA cleared. The main similarity is that both products work the butt and upper thigh area.

  • Leg Magic
  • Leg Magic is a piece of workout equipment that is similar to an elliptical. It requires much more time and work than the Flex Mini.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Know What To Expect
  2. When using the Flex Mini device, you will feel a tight sensation along your legs and butt. Knowing what to expect will make the appearance much more pleasant and relaxing rather than uncomfortable.

  3. Replace Gel Pads
  4. The Gel Pads should be replaced after about 20-30 uses. This will ensures that the Flex Mini remains working properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is It Safe?
  • Yes, the Flex Mini was cleared by the FDA which ensures that it is safe to use.

  • What Does It Feel Like?
  • The Flex Mini provides a mild pulsing sensation that is followed by a subtle tightening feeling. It is comfortable and relaxing to most.

  • Can It Be Shared?
  • Yes, the Flex Mini can be shared, but it will have to be re-sized after each use.


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