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Fresh sticks are a new air freshening product that will keep your home odor-free. Instead of masking odors, it eliminates them completely, while releasing a subtle fragrance into the air. Good housekeeping magazine has endorsed this product, which is available in a variety of scents and colors. It can be used to cover up virtually any bad smell that is present in any room.

How It Works

Each fresh sticks odor eliminator consists of several colored sticks resting in an attractive round, vase-like container of the same color. Every stick within the container takes on the role of a high-tech sponge, absorbing any bad smell around. When these sticks are all working together, they are very powerful, and will eliminate all unpleasant odors in an area.


  1. Stinky Dinners
  2. Foods like fish or boiled eggs are often tasty, but they also can leave the kitchen ( and possibly even the whole house ) stinking for hours afterward. The Fresh Sticks will make these odors disappear.

  3. Diaper Pail Smell
  4. Diaper pails are necessary, but most people are tempted to hold their noses as they walk by them. Luckily, fresh sticks will eliminate this need, as it will eliminate the pail's putrid scent.

  5. Garbage Stench
  6. If you forget to take the garbage out one night, you likely know that it really stinks in the morning. However, your fresh sticks will make the stinky smell go away until you have time to complete the task.

  7. Pet Odors
  8. Dirty cat litter isn't pleasant-smelling, and neither is a stinky dog when he or she comes in from outside, but these unwelcome smells will also be eliminated by fresh sticks.

  9. Smoker's Odors
  10. If you place your fresh sticks near where a smoker in the household has their cigars or cigarettes, it'll smell as if no one was even smoking there. The rest of the house will not contain traces of smoke odor, either.

  11. Stinky Feet
  12. Kids' rooms and doorways where household members take their shoes off often end up smelling like feet, but this won't happen when you place fresh sticks in these areas.

  13. Musty Smells
  14. You can also use fresh sticks in places like the garage, basement, or storage room to get rid of undesired musty smells.

Positive Points

  • Plant-based Materials
  • By using fresh sticks, you're being friendly to the environment, since the product contains no chemicals, only plant-based materials.

  • Long-lasting
  • One fresh sticks product will effectively eliminate odors in an area of your house for up to two years.

  • Attractive Looking
  • The fresh sticks air fresheners come in attractive yellow, blue, and pink varieties, and they look so decorative in a room, you may want to buy one in every color.

  • Three Different Scents
  • The fresh sticks are available in golden vanilla, cool linen, and apple cinnamon scents. You can use different ones in different areas or choose which one suits your personality best.

  • Won't Make A Mess
  • The fresh sticks contain no liquid, so they won't spill and make a mess of furniture or the floor like liquid air fresheners sometimes do.

  • Small
  • The fresh sticks products are fairly small, so they won't take up a great deal of space that you could use for other things.

Save Money

Unlike some plug-in air fresheners, the fresh sticks don't require electricity to eliminate bad smells. By using them, you'll save money that you may have spent on electricity for the plug-in variety.

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