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Glow Pets are colorful stuffed animals for kids of all ages that also fold out into pillows. Kids can play with them during the day, and if they want them to light up at night, all they need to do is push a button on one paw. They are very reassuring for kids who are afraid of the dark, and they make an exciting birthday or holiday gift.

How It Works

Each of the Glow Pets has LED lights inside that will light up when you push the on and off button located on one of your pet’s paws. The lights are bright, but they stay cool so that kids won’t burn themselves, and even if you rub your pet’s stomach, you won’t feel them inside. These lights contain more than a hundred hours of power, but they automatically turn off after 20 minutes. Therefore, no power is wasted, and a sleepy child won’t be kept up all night.


  1. Pretend Play
  2. If you have multiple Glow Pets, or your friends have them too, you can easily dream up excellent adventures for them to have together. Even if you only have one, they can interact with other toys, too.

  3. Camping
  4. A Glow Pet can keep you company, in addition to providing light, when you're sleeping in a tent at night.

  5. Overnight Trips
  6. If you're a little bit uncomfortable staying at a hotel, or the house of a friend or relative, you can bring your Glow Pet along. Therefore, you'll feel like you've brought a bit of home with you.

  7. Travel
  8. Your Glow Pet will keep you company on a long plane or car ride, plus it will make a great pillow if you get tired.

  9. Storytime
  10. If you're not into listening to a story alone, get someone to read it for you and your Glow Pet together. You can even get friends and their Glow Pets involved, if they're available.

  11. Movie Night
  12. When you're lying down in front of the television to watch a movie by yourself or with others, a Glow Pet makes a great pillow. It'll also provide enough light for you to see your refreshments, so you can keep the regular lights off during the movie.

Positive Points

  • Soft And Cuddly
  • The Glow Pets are stuffed and made with chenille fabric, so whether you're using them as a cuddly pet or a pillow, they always feel soft.

  • Various Animals Available
  • When picking out a Glow Pet, you have eight choices, including a seal, puppy, unicorn, penguin, zebra, turtle, snail, and bear. If you're unable to choose, you can always get all eight.

  • Multicolored
  • Each Glow Pet has more than two colors on its body. Plus, every animal choice has a different color scheme.

  • Durable
  • The Glow Pets have been made with high-quality fabric, and the stitching is durable, so you should get years of use from each one.

  • Pajamas Fit Inside
  • Your pajamas can be folded into your Glow Pet, which is convenient when you're taking the pet on an overnight excursion.

Negative Points

  • Batteries Not Included
  • A Glow Pet requires three AA batteries, which are not included with the pet.

Save Money

The Glow Pets double as fun night lights, so you'll save the money you would have otherwise spent on a night light. You'll also be able to save some money on pillows, since a Glow Pet can be used as a pillow, too.


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