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Unlike other nonstick pans, the Gotham pan is made of ceramic which is what makes it nonstick, and titanium which is what prevents damage by fire. The company claims that even the stickiest messes will slide away making clean up easy, and that metal utensils won’t leave behind scratches in the surface coating.


  • Non-scratch
  • The company purports that consumers can beat eggs in the pan with a metal blender and it won’t scratch the surface. This means consumers don’t have to dirty an extra dish mixing together their eggs before they start cooking.

  • Better Cooking Options
  • The pan is ideal for healthy foods like flambé, without grease, because of its ability to withstand fire and high temperatures. Gotham Steel claims that consumers can make grilled steaks, flaky salmon, and even slip shredded cheese off the pan without hassle. They also allege that the pan lets consumers shape a bowl for unique party appetizers.

  • Easy Clean Up
  • Gotham Steel cookware is easy to clean and can be put in the dishwasher when consumers are through.

Does It Really Work?

Unfortunately, this product does not really work as claimed. It works about the same as other non-stick pans which means anything above a medium heat setting is bound to sear food particles to the bottom of the pan.

Like most non-stick pans, if it gets too hot it burns too quickly which the company left out of their commercial. So while it can withstand high temperatures, the food consumers make probably cannot. Sautéing vegetables without oil, or on too high heat, will leave them brown around the perimeter and still crunchy on the inside. Making fried eggs will ultimately result in a scramble, because of how the bottom sticks.

Unfortunately, low heat is the best heat setting because of how quickly the pan heats up, which means that many food items are not properly prepared because they might call for medium or high heat. However, putting them on medium or high heat will result in burning.

Consumers have found that even following the recipes shown in the commercials do not give the same results. The marshmallow and chocolate mixture, for one, does not slide out when still hot. Gotham Steel pans have to be left to cool and then it will ooze out of the pan, leaving a mess behind.


  • Non-stick Pans
  • There are non-stick alternatives which cost less and work about the same. They are typically found on Amazon for between ten and thirty dollars depending on the size or quantity but they have the same ceramic with titanium coating.

  • Cast Iron
  • Cast iron might be more time consuming to keep seasoned, but it prevents a lot of material sticking to it and is better suited for meat and veggie mixtures.

  • Stainless Steel
  • Stainless steel pans are another alternative. They are a bit cheaper than the Gotham Steel pans and they will not scratch either. However, they might not heat evenly and if put into the dishwasher, they can become bent or slightly warped. Even a slight warp in the even pan bottom can cause uneven cooking.

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