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Hot Shapers are the latest in workout gear. The pants are designed using neotex - a fabric which is designed to increase the body's core temperature. This increases sweat levels helping you burn fat more effectively. They can be worn during your workout or just when doing any day to day activities.


  • Helps You Lose Weight
  • Maximize Your Fitness Routine
  • Get A Slimmer Tummy & Thighs
  • Increases Your Core Body Temp
  • Improves Overall Well-being
  • Downfalls

    • Diet Plan & Exercise Program
    • However, the downside is that these pants do not work on their own. For optimal results you must also follow the tasty & health diet plan and complete the fiesta hot exercise program.


    The information explains a little more about what neotex actually is. Neotex is activated when it comes into contact with your skin allowing you to sweat more while the outer fabric absorbs the moisture leaving you feeling fresh and dry. No more sticky feeling after your work out. While only the Hot Shapers pants are currently available, it is indicated that other products including workout tops and ball caps will also be available very soon. This means that you will be able to make the most of neotex by wearing it from head to toe to really get those sweat levels to increase.

    How to Use (Step by Step)

    1. Wear Like Ordinary Workoutgear
    2. Hot Shapers are worn exactly like any other workout pants. Put them on and start sweating.

    3. Wear Them Daily
    4. For best results your Hot Shapers should be worn daily. Even on days when you don't work out as you can still benefit from them while walking, doing chores or playing with the kids. Any physical activity can be boosted with Hot Shapers.

    5. Wash Them With Care
    6. Hot Shapers should be washed after each use by hand in cold water using soft detergent. They cannot be bleached, ironed, tumble dried or dry cleaned. Your Hot Shapers should be line dried only.

    Does It Really Work?

    When used in conjunction with the included diet plan and exercise program Hot Shapers can provide some impressive results. They are not a magic fix for those looking to lose weight as there is still a huge amount of work and effort required. What Hot Shapers do is elevated your sweat levels while undertaking any physical activity as this helps you to burn fat. The special design of the Hot Shapers also helps to shape and tone the tummy and hips. Of course the results you experience will depend on how often you wear them, how often you work out and how religiously you adhere to the diet plan.

    Critical Advice

    As noted, it is absolutely essential that you commit to the fiesta hot workouts while wearing the Hot Shapers. If you are going to see the results that you are looking for then this is very important. The workouts are provided online and are split into 5 different categories : stretches, basic, intermediate, advanced and bonus. By using a combination of these you will soon get sweaty and the pants will do their stuff.

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Great Quality

Susan Rodriguez | Beachwood, OH | 04 Nov 2018

By far the best quality waist trimmer garment I have bought so far!

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