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Idol Lash is a popular eyelash enhancer sold both in stores and online. This product creates lashes that are longer, thicker, darker and fuller when used consistently for about two to four weeks. Furthermore, Idol Lash works by nourishing eyelashes with natural ingredients that encourage fuller, longer lash growth.


  • Has Desired Results For Many
  • One of the major benefits of this product is that Idol Lash is highly ranked with consumers. It is able to turn even brittle, short lashes, into fuller thicker lashes that most women desire.

  • Safe For Sensitive Eyes
  • Many of the products available today irritate the eyes, but Idol Lash doesn’t appear to have that negative side effect. Its natural ingredients won’t harm or irritate those with sensitive eyes.


  • Expensive
  • Idol Lash may produce great results, but these fuller lashes come at a high price tag. While the site offers discounts when buying in bulk, many consumers may not be willing to pay for this product.

  • Long-term Use Required
  • Idol Lash has to be used for at least two weeks and up to four weeks before the results are evident. For some consumers, it may not be practical to apply Idol Lash on a daily basis. Its unknown whether occasional use produces the same benefits.


  • Natural Ingredients
  • Many of the lash enhancement products on the market today contain chemicals which may irritate eyes. Idol Lash contains a blend of natural ingredients and nutrients which work by nourishing lash follicles, encouraging increased growth.

  • No Need For Other Products
  • Since Idol Lash darkens and lengthens lashes, women won’t need to apply mascara or false eyelashes. This feature can save time getting ready and also reduce overall makeup costs.


Idol Lash is a time-tested brand that strives to deliver amazing results to its customers. This all-natural lash enhancer is just one in a line of products that are designed to enhance natural beauty. Additionally, Idol Lash works at the root of the eye lashes, increasing the length, thickness and color in just two to four weeks.

How It Works

Idol Lash works like a powerful conditioner by stimulating increased eyelash thickness and growth through its patented formula of natural ingredients. Furthermore, this product contains plant and honey extracts, along with essential oils that penetrate each eyelash follicle. This process promotes growth and thickness.

How it's Different from Competitors

The main difference between Idol Lash and its competitors is the effectiveness and safety of this product. Idol Lash has clinically proven results and has also been found to be completely safe for consumers. It can also be used on eye brows to thicken and promote growth as needed.


  • Rapidlash Eyelash Serum
  • This product works by thickening the appearance of and improving the condition of lashes in four to six weeks. The polypeptide formula coats lashes to protect against breakage and supports stronger lashes. It can be irritating to sensitive eyes. Nonetheless, this product is a fairly inexpensive option.

  • Smartlash Eyelash Enhancer
  • Smartlash is a serum that’s applied twice a day on both lashes and brows. Results can be seen within seven days; this product has been physician formulated and tested for safety. Additionally, it is prostaglandin free and one tube will last about a month with twice-a-day use.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Apply Sparingly
  2. After removing your makeup, apply Idol Lash to the base of the upper and lower lash line. The amount of liquid on the brush is enough for the upper and lower lash lines of both eyes. Using more of this product will not speed the process.

  3. Use Special Offers
  4. When purchasing directly from the company, consumers can take advantage of discounts offered exclusively by Idol Lash.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is It Permanent?
  • Yes, when used consistently every day, Idol Lash produces permanent results.

  • Are There Side Effects?
  • No, there are no known side effects that occur due to this product.

  • What Are The Benefits?
  • When used as directed, Idol Lash increases eyelash density by up to 82% and eyelash length by up to 25%.


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