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Insta mop is a revolutionary way to clean your hard floors. This mop has a 360 degree swivel, allowing you to reach those difficult spaces and corners. It is also machine washable, which means it can be used repeatedly. Thus, this long term investment allows you to instantly clean large messes on hardwood floors. Then, you pop the mop in your wash and have a cleaning tool that looks brand new.


  • Separates Dirty / Clean Water
  • The bucket does not mix your clean and dirty water, unlike regular mop and bucket combinations. Instead, this Insta mop has two separate compartments so that you can only clean your floors with fresh water, instead of reusing mucky water. After you are finished cleaning, simply unplug your hole at the bottom of your bucket and empty the water into your sink.

  • Can Be Used Dry
  • Not only does Insta Mop make your floors look spotless via mopping, you can also use it as a duster. Simply do not wet the mop, and then glide it around your hard floors. The dry Insta Mop acts like a magnet to dust. It leaves your floors looking spotless with less effort from you.


  • Manual
  • Even though the Insta Mop is a great tool to use on hard floors, you still need to manually control the mop. This means you will need to have the energy to clean. Additionally, you will need to set aside a time to clean so you can get the value out of this mop.

  • Big
  • Though this mop can reach hard to get spaces, it is not small enough to reach very small areas, and has no additional smaller size attachments. For very small spaces, cracks, or corners – you will need a different kind of tool.


  • Dual Bucket Technology
  • The bucket separates your dirty and clean water, unless most buckets. You will never have to wash your floors with mucky water again thanks to this bucket.

  • Stackable
  • If you have more than one mop head, you are able to stack them on top of each other. This makes the mop heads easy to store and allows you to have more room in your storage closet.


People are quickly finding out the best way to clean their floors is with the Insta Mop. With its 360 swivel mop head, it can easily clean hard to get corners. Rotating your mop has never been easier than with Insta Mop. The dual bucket technology allows you to keep your dirty and clean water separate, which translates to cleaner floors for you. Additionally, your plug at the bottom of your bucket will allow you to seamlessly dump the dirty water into your sink. Insta Mop is the ideal way to clean floors.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Wash Frequently
  2. To keep your mop head clean, make sure to machine wash your mop. Always use your cleanest mop head to make the cleaning session a breeze and to absorb the most dirt.

  3. Have Two Mop Heads
  4. While you are washing one mop head, you can easily continue cleaning with the other, clean mop head. This eliminates any waiting time for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is It Effective?
  • Yes, the Insta Mop is known to be a very effective way to clean hard floors with its 360 swivel mop head.

  • It Is Machine Washable?
  • Yes, the Insta Mop is machine washable.

  • How Does It Work?
  • The Insta Mop is clicked into place on the mop handle. Then, it is dipped in the bucket. Next, it is spun to rinse out old water. You then use the mop to wash the floor.


Connie Bradley | Prineville, OR | 28 Mar 2015

I was not very impressed with the mop, as the head is thin til when you are mopping the plastic part of the mop is scraping the floor.

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Bill | Austin, TX | 01 Jan 2015

I am in awe with this dual bucket technology! Like wow that is some fine technology.

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Not Worth the Hassle

Amber | Everman , TX | 03 Dec 2014

I ordered te instamop online after seeing a commercial. Two weeks later the payment still hadn't come off my card so I called they said they don't process until it ships and that it would b processed that night. I called back and they told me that MC had declined te payment which is impossible as I had MOrE then enough to cover the cost. . . I ended up cancelling because of this and after reading multiple bad reviews about unhappy customers who have been waiting since August to get theirs. I would rate this a zero stars but this site wouldn't allow for that had to give at least 1.

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Refund Ripoff

Maureen H | North Plainfield, NJ | 02 Dec 2014

Instamop doubled my order and charged me double in US funds. They told me not to accept the package and it would be returned and they would refund my money. BUT they charge a fee to return even though it was their error and even though they charged me in US funds they refunded in Canadian Funds! That is a scam. This company really needs to be reported.

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