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JG Wentworth is a company that provides cash when you need it. This company works through buying your long term cash settlements or annuities. By doing this, they provide you with cash instantly. Instead of having to wait around to get your agreed upon settlement each year, call JG Wentworth. They will provide you with a large lump sum of cash instead of small regular payouts. When an emergency arises or you are short on cash, your bills will not pile up because you will have the lump sum to fall back on. After all the popular motto in their commercials is "it's your money, use it when you need it. ".


  1. Structured Settlements
  2. These settlements offer comfort and stability because these are settlements that are paid in smaller amounts across a continual basis. However, they are not overly convenient when an emergency occurs because you have to wait to receive your money. JG Wentworth will buy your structured settlement and give you one lump sum of cash - then you have it on hand when that emergency happens.

  3. Annuity
  4. Annuities are a form of investment that ensure you receive a steady income. Many people prepare for retirement by purchasing annuities. JG Wentworth will also work to purchase your annuity payments. This will give you money immediately and you can chose to do with it what you want.

  5. Pre-settlement Funding
  6. Going to court can be both expensive and time consuming. Once a case is settled, receiving your settlement money is not always a quick process. Receiving this money can take weeks or months but while you are waiting for this money your bills are piling up. You can talk to a JG Wentworth representative about purchasing your court settlement. The company will give you money right away, and they will receive the settlement at a later date.

Easy to Use

  1. Call Them
  2. Once you hear their catching commercial you will have no choice but to call. Explain your situation and they will come up with an offer for purchasing your structured settlement plan.

  3. Paperwork
  4. They will send you paperwork that you have to sign off on. This is a financial agreement, and like any contract it should be read thoroughly before being signed. JG Wentworth then has to receive and file the paperwork.

  5. Get Paid
  6. Once your paperwork is approved you will be paid right away. The transaction simply has to go through and your cash will be available to you. No more waiting around for a particular date every year to receive your settlement, instead receive a single lump sum.


This company is very interested in making money and ensuring that you get your cash when you need it. They spend millions of dollars annually on their infomercials. These commercials are quite entertaining and catchy - you will be left signing the JG Wentworth song all day. Whether they feature mr. Wentworth himself, or a bunch of opera singers on a bus the infomercials sure are unique. Always remember "call JG Wentworth 877-cash-now, call now! ". Just make the call - you have nothing to lose only something to gain.

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