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Just Repel It is the amazing multi-surface stain and liquid repellent. It works to protect the surface of almost all materials and it is completely colorless. Furthermore, it leaves no stick residues and repels all liquids, not just water. This helps prevent stubborn stains.


  • No Residue
  • Many cleaning products leave behind a sticky and unsightly residue but Just Repel It does not such thing. It leaves behind no form of residue, leaving behind a clean surface that is tough enough to battle just about any liquid that may come its way.

  • Repels All Liquids
  • Just Repel It is a revolutionary product that has the power to repeal all liquids. Whether it is water or coffee, this product will repel the liquid and prevent the lingering stain.


  • Small Bottle
  • The common bottle of Just Repel It is rather small. This means that it may only be used a few times or on one or two large surfaces before it runs out completely.

  • Odor
  • It may not have a color, but Just Repel It does have the tendency to leave behind a strong odor. The odd odor might be quite overwhelming and unsettling to many people.


  • Nano-shield
  • Just Repel It is an incredible nano-shield that has the power to repel liquids on any surface. This allows people to save hundreds of dollars off of stain removal.

  • Multiple Uses
  • In addition to working on furniture and patio furniture, Just Repel It also helps keep apparel products dry. This is great for shoes, socks and work gloves.


Everyone needs to have a bottle of Just Repel It in their home. This product has the potential to save people hundreds, if not thousands of dollars off of stain removal products. It’s colorless, leaves no sticky residue and repels various liquids. Some of the liquids include oil, grease, mud, salt water, snow, coffee, wine and much more.

How It Works

Just Repel It works to protect a wide variety of surfaces by repelling even the most stubborn and dark colored liquids. Once it is applied to a surface, it leaves a clear coating that will protect it from any stain that you could possibly imagine.

How it's Different from Competitors

Just Repel It is different from competitors because it works to prevent stains entirely. Most other products on the market simply remove stains instead of preventing them in the first place. This will save people a lot of time and money.


  • Teflon Fabric Protector
  • Teflon fabric protector also works to protect surfaces from liquid stains. The only difference is that it only works on fabric, rather than a variety of different surfaces.

  • Scotchguard Fabric Protector
  • Scotchguard fabric protector helps protract carpet and upholstery fibers against an array of stains. This product works primary against oil and water stains.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Clean Surface
  2. Always apply Just Repel It to a clean surface. If there is any lingering dust or dirt on the surface, it may not allow the product to repel liquids entirely.

  3. Apply Thin Coating
  4. When using Just Repel It, you do not need to apply a thick coating. Due to how effective that it is, only a thin coating is needed to protect the surface entirely.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can It Be Used On Furniture?
  • Yes, Just Repel It works great on furniture.

  • Is It Colored?
  • No, Just Repel It is a colorless product.

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