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Kinetic Sand is a sand based toy for children. Due to its texture, Kinetic Sand allows for a unique play experience. The sand can be molded in a manner akin to clay, but will also crumble apart when pressed, much like a sand castle.


  • 98% Pure Sand
  • Kinetic Sand is 98% pure sand which is then covered in a binding agent so that the sand lightly adheres to itself. This creates an interesting dynamic, where the sand can both be molded into shapes, and spread back into a sand texture again. It's most akin to a dense liquid, but with no moisture, Kinetic Sand will never dry or get hard.

  • Only Sticks To Itself
  • Kinetic Sand only sticks to itself, so it is ideal for indoor play. The self-adhesive property makes cleanup a breeze, and also allows children to play with the sand indoors without fear of a mess.

  • Stays Dust And Allergen Free
  • Since Kinetic Sand only adheres to itself, and the adhesive is not a liquid, it will not to stick to dust and allergens. The dryness of the sand will also discourage bacterial growth within the product, making it more clean and safe.

  • Non-toxic
  • The adhesive coating on the sand is non-toxic and gluten free. Kinetic Sand is allergen, dust, and microbial resistant.

  • Never Dries
  • Unlike clay and other similar substances, Kinetic Sand will never dry out. This is because Kinetic Sand has no liquid content, the adhesive polymer has no water, so there is no moisture to lose over time.

  • Leaves No Residue
  • The adhesive polymer used in Kinetic Sand leaves no residue on surfaces or hands, so even wooden tables will stay dry, and hands will stay clean. Substances like clay and dough will often leave some of their moisture content on surfaces.


  • Quick Clean Up
  • The polymer coating on the sand allows a very quick cleanup from a flat surface. Gathering the sand is as easy as pressing it all into one piece, and then putting the sand away.

  • Fun For All Ages
  • Kinetic Sand has potential to be fun for all ages. The material is fascinating, and the possibilities are near endless. That said, the sales website indicates that the optimum age range for this toy is around 3 to 8 years old.

How It Works

The 2% polymer content of Kinetic Sand allows the sand to stick to itself to make small shapes, but essentially turns the sand into a high viscosity liquid. Kinetic Sand has larger particles than most liquids, and no moisture, which gives it a unique feel. It is pressable and moldable, but if you make a structure too large, the polymer won't be able to hold it all together, and the shape will "melt".

Easy to Use

  1. No Directions
  2. Kinetic Sand comes with no directions or instructions, because playing with this sand doesn't require any. Playing with Kinetic Sand is more about the unique experience of the polymerized sand, and cleanup is as simple as pressing it all together and putting the sand away.

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It Dose Dry Out

Matthew Sorensen | Mahtomedi, MN | 20 Nov 2014

Kinetic Sand, it dose dry out. I was heating my room to in the winter and my sand has dried out or lost about half its ability to hold together from when I 1st got it.

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