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Knit Cool is the new way to knit accessories and clothing. Instead of using needles, you use posts. Wrapping loops of warn around each post, you eventually get amazing articles of clothing for yourself, your pets or as gifts for others. It is a safe way to knit, since there are no pointy needles to handle. Kids can enjoy learning how to knit in a new and fun way instead of fiddling with complicated and dangerous needles.


  • Knits Cool Style Guide
  • The Knits Cool posts come with a style guide which can help you design your projects. You can choose from making a sweater for you dog, a bracelet for your friend, a headband for yourself or even a scarf. This kit allows you to be creative and innovative as you learn how to knit fun new projects.

  • 50 Yards Of Yarn
  • To get you started, this kit comes with 50 yards of trendy yarn. Some are brightly colored, while others have color combinations. These colors include light blue, pink and a purple / red combination. Having these fashionable colors means you can start playing with the Knits Cool Kit right out of the box.


  • Easy To Use
  • The Knits Cool Kit is easy to use and comes with instructions. Simply loop the yarn onto each pole until the desired item is made. The process is straightforward, ensuring that children of all ages will enjoy it.

  • Safe For Kids
  • Since this kit does not include needles, it is safe for children of all ages. All they need to do is tie a knot and loop the yarn around each pole to start their knitting journey. It is a great way to learn knitting from an early age without needing to touch dangerous needles.


  • Just One Color
  • The Knits Cool Kit only comes in purple. That might not be ideal if purple is not your child’s preferred color. There are no other color options for this kit.

  • Not Sturdy In Car
  • If your child wants to knit in the car, there is no way of keeping this kit from falling over as they try to knit. While it is a portable device, it may not be very sturdy inside of a moving vehicle. Luckily, there are no sharp objects to worry about in the event that is does fall over.

How It Works

Tie a knot and loop the knot around one of the poles. Then, loop the yarn around the adjacent pole. Repeat the process as necessary until the desired item has been created. Some items will take longer than others, depending on their complexity.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are There Charms?
  • Yes, Knits Cool comes with trendy charms within the kit that can be applied to finished knitted items.

  • Are Tools Included?
  • Yes, the small amount of knitting tools needed are included in this knitting kit. They have their own pockets of space on the knitting kit’s base, ensuring they do not get lost.

  • Can It Make Clothing?
  • Yes, it can make socks, scarves, gloves, leg warmers and more.

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