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LifeShield has spent many years developing their intricate system that protects your home and family. They pride themselves on offering the most affordable security. Some of their features include true fire safety, better security experience and more - all of which protect every angle of a home. This service is a great way to ensure the safety of any home.


  • Customer Support
  • LifeShield offers stellar customer support. They offer a truly personalized customer service experience from the time you setup your services, and into your everyday use of your LifeShield home security system.

  • 24/7 Coverage
  • With a LifeShield home security system, your home, family and valuables will be protected every second of the day. This includes 24 hours per day, 7 days a week and 365 days of year of contact protection over your home.


  • Monthly Payments
  • When you are a member of LifeShield, you will have to make a monthly payment. These payments are in addition to the installation fee. This can become financially stressful to many people who would rather pay one lump sum.

  • Not Portable
  • If you ever decide to move out of your current home, it may be hard to transfer your service. The equipment is not portable and will have to be reinstalled.


  • Interactive Apps
  • LifeShield supplies their customers with interactive apps that allow people to access and control their home security system wherever they are. They can view recorded videos, live videos and even snapshots of their home.

  • True Fire Safety
  • In addition to a fire button on your console, the true fire safety feature will detect a fire even when you are not home.


LifeShield offers an array of specialized packages of unique home security systems to protect your home, valuables and family. They allow their customers to view their home’s information while on the go thanks to their amazing technology. Furthermore, they are committed to providing their customers with a great experience.

How It Works

The revolutionary equipment and technology offered by lifesshield is what makes their services so trustworthy. They work to protect against unwanted intruders, damage to your home and property loss. LifeShield also allows for constant contact with a trained professional for extra safety assurance.

How it's Different from Competitors

LifeShield is different from competitors because of the many features that they offer. They work to protect every aspect of your home. Instead of just protecting against intruders, they protect your home from much more.


  • Simplisafe
  • Unlike LifeShield, simplisafe does not require their customers to sign any form of a long-term contract. On the other hand, this means that their home security systems must be self-installed which may be hard for many.

  • Adt Home Security
  • Adt home security offers their customers an array of different features that are mostly wireless. Their customer service teams works every day of the year to keep up with their customers’ safety, just like LifeShield.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Insurance Discount
  2. After having lifesshield installed in your home, be sure to let your home insurance company know. Many will offer discounts to people who have a home that is protected under some form of home security because there is a lack of risk.

  3. Be Wise About The Code
  4. When picking the code that you will be using with your LifeShield security system, be smart. This means that you should chose a code that your can easily remember - but is not easily guessed by intruders.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is There A Contract?
  • Customers will be required to sign a contract with LifeShield. This will allow people to remain covered for a prolonged period of time.

  • Are They Reliable?
  • LifeShield home security is extremely reliable. If you are ever feeling uneasy, simple use your mobile device to check up on your home or contact one of their trained professional for some extra assurance.

  • Why Lifeshield?
  • Most people opt for LifeShield to protect their home because they are committed to go above and beyond to keep their customers safe.

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