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This phenomenal breakthrough in the cosmetic world gives you not just the impression of long lashes - but the real thing. With LiLash, your eyelashes will actually grow longer and thicker after application of the serum specially designed for lashes. It works better than mascara simply because it makes your lashes sexier, naturally.


  • Easy To Use And Mess-free
  • For those who have experienced using fake lashes, LiLash will be a big relief. The serum comes in an easy to apply mascara-like container which reduces the messiness. A single swipe will be enough to work wonders on the lashes.

  • Reduced Lash Breakage
  • The serum not only works by promoting the growth of your lashes - it also has strengthening and conditioning properties. This ensures that as your lashes grow; they also stay there without falling out or breaking.


  • Allergic Reactions
  • Make sure the ingredients used in LiLash are reviewed before usage. Some people may be allergic to the active ingredients, which may cause irritation.

  • Not For Pregnant Women
  • Since the serum has not been fully tested in all situations, it is best to stay away from it if one is pregnant or breastfeeding. This makes the product limited in its market.


  • Easy To Use Applicator
  • The Lilash applicator resembles your average liquid eye liner, reducing the chances of spillage. To apply, one doesn’t need to read any user manual, as it is as easy as applying a single line of liquid eyeliner.

  • Stimulates Eyelash Growth
  • LiLash goes to the root of the problem and stimulates the growth of the eyelashes. This results in a very natural and gorgeous effect that beats any brand of mascara.


Have everyone ask whether your lashes are the real thing or extensions with the magical power of LiLash. Better than extensions and more durable than mascara, LiLash stimulates the natural growth of your eyelashes, making them longer and thicker.

How It Works

LiLash contains ingredients such as Glycerin and Hydrolyzed lupine Protein to enhance the growth of your lashes. The serum is applied to the upper eyelids above the lash line, twice daily for about eight to twelve weeks. Once visible results are witnessed, the regularity of application can be reduced to twice a week. A tube of LiLash can last up to six months.

How it's Different from Competitors

Unlike other eyelash enhancing serums that are applied to the lashes themselves, LiLash is applied to the roots of the lashes. This alone ensures that the effects of the product are long lasting and permanent.


  • Rapidlash Enhancing Serum
  • This formula has enhancing, conditioning, and strengthening ingredients that can improve the appearance of both eyelashes and eyebrows.

  • Mavala Night Treatment
  • The formula is designed to strengthen and thicken eyelashes - and is a lot cheaper than LiLash.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Apply As Directed
  2. Be patient enough to wait for results and only apply as directed ( a single line just above the eye lash line twice a day ). Following this advice will allow you to enjoy your LiLash for up to six months.

  3. Stop If Any Irritations Occur
  4. If redness or itchiness is experienced, it is best to discontinue usage of the product, at least temporarily. Usage may be resumed after the symptoms disappear.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can It Be Used With Contacts?
  • Yes it can.

  • How Soon Will Results Show?
  • After eight to twelve weeks, results are expected to be visible.


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