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Lulla Pets are cuddly stuffed animals that are able to play songs, stories and voice recordings. They come with a removable mp3 player that will hold audio which you can play while in bed or anywhere else. If you just want to cuddle your pet, you can simply take the player out. There are ten different Lulla Pets that come in various shades and have distinct male or female personalities.

How It Works

When you want to add audio files to your Lulla Pet's mp3 player, you'll need to pull the player out of the pet's back and connect it to your computer. Following that, drag and drop the files you want to transfer onto the mp3 player as you would with any standard player. After they're transferred, all you'll need to do is put the player back inside your pet and then enjoy hours of fun.


  1. Bedtime
  2. Your kids may actually enjoy getting into bed once they can cuddle with a singing, storytelling Lulla Pet in there. You can even record your own voice or that of a special relative, such as a grandparent, saying goodnight.

  3. Long Car Rides
  4. Kids tend to get bored during long car rides, but once they have their Lulla Pet to play them songs and stories, they will find these trips less boring. That means they won't constantly be asking when the ride will be over. If more than one child is in the car, you can have fun singing along with the recorded songs as a group.

  5. Sleepovers
  6. A group of children will have a great time playing with one Lulla Pet or more at a sleepover. You can use them to play silly songs to dance to, or to play recorded ghost stories. If each child brings their own pet, that means you'll have even more fun and be able to play an even wider variety of material. A child who is a tad afraid of sleepovers can have their parent record a goodnight message on their pet's mp3 player before they go, if desired.

  7. Vacations
  8. Lulla Pets are fun to play with and cuddle during any vacation, whether you're in a hotel, sleeping in a tent, or cruising around in an RV. They will make great entertainment for the entire vacationing group, especially at a campfire. They'll also seem like a comforting piece of home to anyone who is homesick.

  9. Storytime
  10. At any time of the day, you can use your child's Lulla Pet in order to play them an entertaining or educational story. They'll likely find this much more stimulating than sitting in front of the television.

Positive Points

  • Easy To Clean
  • The Lulla Pets are made of 100 percent washable cotton, so they will be easy to clean if they get covered in food, paint, or any other unwanted dirt.

  • Hold A Lot Of Audio
  • Each Lulla Pet will hold over 200 songs, which can be organized into up to five different playlists. Therefore, no one will be listening to the same songs over and over, unless they wish to.

  • Come With Companion Strap
  • Every Lulla Pet comes with a companion strap, which makes them easy to carry anywhere or hang from pieces of furniture.

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My Kid Loves it

Kevin | Covington, KY | 10 May 2015

We got Banjo today and my son loves it. You can tell the toy is good quality. Hopefully it holds up with as much as he is carrying it around with him. We are very happy so far.

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