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Often, bed frames are designed to be up to 4 inches longer than the mattresses that are used with them. Therefore, pillows and other objects often fall into the resulting gap between the mattress and the wall or headboard. Mattress Wedge, a covered piece of foam that fits into and covers the gap, will solve this problem. The wedge will fit all types and sizes of beds.


  1. Maintain Pillows' Comfort
  2. Pillows rest easily against the Mattress Wedge so you can sleep comfortably on them throughout the night, without them randomly sliding off the top of the bed.

  3. Keep Objects Safe
  4. The Mattress Wedge can be used in kids’ beds so toys they sleep with or play with at night don’t fall over the bed’s edge. It can also stop other objects, such as cell phones, remotes, glasses, and books from doing the same. That means you’ll no longer have to stretch your arm under the bed to dig for the object that you or your child needs. Objects will have less of a chance of breaking, too.

  5. Close Gap Between Split Beds
  6. This wedge can be placed between a pair of split beds so that no objects or pillows fall sideways into the crack between them.

Positive Points

  • Side Pockets
  • Each Mattress Wedge comes with pockets that can be attached to each side of it. These can hold the objects that often go astray, such as glasses, a remote, a phone, or a favorite small stuffed toy.

  • Three Different Sizes
  • The wedges come in three different sizes: twin, queen, and king, so the product is suitable for virtually all beds.

  • Made With Comfort Foam
  • Each Mattress Wedge is made out of high-density comfort foam. This foam will stay cool during the summer and help insulate you during the winter, increasing the chances that you'll always be comfortable in bed.

  • Lightweight But Sturdy
  • These wedges are sturdy, so they won't break easily, but they also don't weigh much. Therefore, you'll be able to move them easily when you want to change the sheets on a bed.

  • Easy-to-remove Cover
  • The soft, breathable cover that encases the Mattress Wedge has a zipper that makes it easy to take off when needed, and it's machine washable.

Negative Points

  • Comes In White Only
  • The Mattress Wedge is only available in white, which is a concern, since white material tends to get dirty easily. Even though the wedge's cover can be washed, it may incur permanent sweat stains if someone's head isn't directly on their pillow.

  • Rests On An Angle
  • The Mattress Wedge rests on an angle when placed on the bed, and some people like to sleep with their heads angled upward, but some do not. Those who like to sleep in a nearly flat position may find using the Mattress Wedge uncomfortable.


  • Be Careful With Split Beds
  • When you put a Mattress Wedge between a pair of split beds, take care that the people sleeping in those beds do not sleep on or put pressure on it. This may cause the wedge to slip between the beds and onto the floor, and the sleeping people may go along with it.

  • Don't Overfill Side Pockets
  • The attachable side pockets that come with each Mattress Wedge attach with only one button, and hang loosely at the bottom, so avoid overfilling them. If you do, they may have difficulty handling the weight and fall to the ground. It is best to stick to putting one item in each pocket.

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