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Me Smooth is a professional hair removal system that can be used at home for permanent hair removal. The device is suitable for all skin tones. It is gentle and easy to use with lasting results within 6 weeks.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Prepare Your Skin
  2. It is important to remove surface hair in order to prepare your skin for treatment. Those with dark hair need to shave the area they intend to treat. However, those with fair hair should wax or epilate for best results.

  3. Prepare & Treat At Once
  4. If you use the me shaver accessory or the me epilator accessory you can prep and treat simultaneously.

  5. Activate The Device
  6. Press the power button and then select the desired level of treatment ( low, medium or high ). It is best to start on low and crank it up once you feel comfortable. Lastly, press the elos activation button.

  7. Treat Your Body
  8. Place the applicator on your skin making sure that both silver contact bars are always in contact with the skin. It should emit pulses of white light if it is working. Glide the applicator over the area in a continuous motion, moving after every light pulse. Never return to a spot within 10 seconds. Repeat the process until you have treated the entire area.

  9. Treat Your Face
  10. As above, ensure both contact bars are always touching the skin. Allow just a single pulse of light on the target area. Remove the applicator from the skin and move to the next target area. Repeat until the whole area is treated. You should repeat each area up to 3 times, but always leave a break between each, do not treat an area 3 times in succession.

Save Time

Me Smooth offers one of the fastest hair removal treatments available. It is possible to treat the entire bodily in a little over half an hour. The device simply glides over the skin using a similar motion as with shaving. Underarms take just one minute each whole the bikini area requires just 2 minutes. Men can use Me Smooth too. An entire chest takes just 10 minutes and the back can be treated in 12 minutes.


  • Permanent Results
  • The Me Smooth can offer permanent hair removal on the face and body.

  • Safe & Effective
  • The device has proven to be safe and effective for all skin types and tones.

  • Effective On All Hair Colors
  • With some hair removal techniques very dark or very fair hair can be a problem. This is not the case with Me Smooth which is effective for any hair color.

  • Fast Treatment Times
  • An entire body can be treated in about 32 minutes.

  • Easy & Intuitive
  • There is no tedious stamping. Simply glide the applicator over the area you wish to treat in the same manner that you would use a razor to shave. The light pulses will treat the skin as you move the applicator.

  • Gentle Treatment
  • No more nicks, cuts or scratches. The Me Smooth is gentle and leaves no stinging or raw patches on the skin.


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