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Unexpected expenses, such as car repairs or family emergencies, can happen at any time. Money Mutual has built a dedicated network of short-term lenders to match you instantly so your can feel relief until your next paycheck. All lenders must adhere to the code of lender conduct for your security.


  • Simple Design
  • The online process of applying is extremely easy to do. It takes most users five minutes or less to complete the simple online form.

  • Security
  • Money Mutual only matches their users with lenders that adhere to their code of lender conduct. This means that people will not be dealing with untrustworthy companies that have not built a reputation. People can feel safe and secure when dealing with Money Mutual.


  • Dealing With A Middle Man
  • When working with Money Mutual, you are basically dealing with a middle man - since they are only matching your with potential lenders. This may become confusing to many people who are looking for a quick fix.

  • Short Term
  • The purpose of Money Mutual is to provide people with a short term loan. This won’t necessarily help people who are looking for a larger sum of money, or those who need more time to pay off the money they were lent.


  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Money Mutual features a 24 / 7 customer service team that is ready to answer any questions that you may have. They will work hard to assist you.

  • Instant Approval
  • Thanks to their instant approval, this takes the worrying and guessing out of applying for a loan. It also makes it much less time consuming.


Exclusively endorsed by montel williams, Money Mutual works had to match people with reliable lenders. All potential lenders are trustworthy and most follow the set code of lender conduct for complete safety and security.

How It Works

Money Mutual is not a lender. Instead, they are a network of online short-term lenders. After submitting your information, if you are matched with a lender, you will be redirected to their web site. Once this is done, the user will need to review the loan terms and conditions to decide whether or not to accept.

How it's Different from Competitors

Money Mutual is different from competitors because they are not an actual lender. They match users with reliable lenders to increase their chances of getting the money they need.


  • Ace Cash Express
  • Ace cash express is a private lender, not a network of different lenders. They provide quick and easy payday loans – even to those with bad credit.

  • Allied Cash
  • Allied cash offers short-term loans. They claim to offer a simple, 3 step process with results in just 2 minutes.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Respond Quickly
  2. It is best to make sure that you respond in a timely manner. This ensures that your funds will be deposited as quickly as possible.

  3. Be Honest
  4. Be as honest as your can about your financial situation. This will increase your chance of receiving a loan that best matches your circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is The Site Secure?
  • The Money Mutual site is 100 percent secure. They make sure your information is private through truste, the industry's leaders in online privacy protection.

  • How Do You Qualify?
  • The basic qualifications include a checking account, a minimum monthly salary, a current job and an 18 years of age restriction.

  • Is This A Payday Loan?
  • Money Mutual is a network of many lenders, some of which may be considered payday loans.

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