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The My Spy Birdhouse is a small birdhouse that allows you to watch the birds inside, while ensuring that they don’t know you’re watching, due to an attachable two-way mirror. This birdhouse attaches to any glass window with suction cups that will withstand all weather conditions. If you want to give the birds some privacy to sleep, it also comes with a Do Not Disturb curtain that you can hang.

How It Works

The back of the My Spy Birdhouse is made out of clear acrylic material, and you must put this side directly against a glass window. Once you hang the birdhouse up like this, and add the piece of two-way mirror film, you can look at the birds out the window. However, due to the mirror, they won’t see you, only themselves. Therefore, you won’t disturb them. However, the birdhouse also has a front perch, which will encourage the birds to come out into the open.


  1. Education
  2. Using the My Spy Birdhouse will teach kids to observe other creatures in their natural habitat without disturbing them. Kids will also learn about the building of bird nests, and how birds raise their young.

  3. Recreational Birdwatching
  4. Aside from kids, adult birdwatchers will also enjoy the bird activity that they can watch through their windows once they've hung a My Spy Birdhouse.

  5. Cat Entertainment
  6. Cats will enjoy watching the birds in the birdhouse through the window, but won't be able to cause them any harm.

Positive Points

  • Attracts Common Bird Types
  • The My Spy Birdhouse will attract some common North American birds, including chickadees, wrens, and nuthatches, due to its appropriate size. This will allow watchers to learn more about these specific bird types.

  • Birds Will Behave Naturally
  • Since the birds won't know they're being watched, you'll be able to observe them behaving in a completely natural manner, as opposed to being nervous or startled.

  • Privacy For Other Birds
  • As they'll be able to see the birds in this birdhouse directly through the window, kids will likely stop disturbing other birds further from the home. Plus, there is a Do Not Disturb curtain if they want to give the birds in this house some privacy.


  • Risk Of Falling
  • While all-weather suction cups are fairly sturdy, this birdhouse may not have the level of sturdiness that it would if it were attached to a post in the ground.

  • Possible Distance From Trees
  • Many people like to hang their birdhouses in trees, or build their birdhouses near trees. With this one, if there are no trees near a home's windows, birds will have to fly farther distances to get to trees. This may discourage them from inhabiting the My Spy Birdhouse.

How it's Different from Competitors

While most birdhouses have four solid walls, so you can’t see the birds once they escape inside, this one has a clear acrylic back wall. Once you hang up the included piece of two-way mirror film, you’ll be able to watch the birds all day without frightening them. With many other birdhouses, you do not have the option of attaching them directly to your house, either.


  • Don't Bang On Window
  • The birds won't be able to see you watching them from your window, but they will know you're there if you make a lot of noise. In order to avoid scaring them, you must refrain from banging or tapping on the glass window the My Spy Birdhouse is attached to.

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