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Naturally Free is a hair straightening system that will straighten your hair without the use of any harsh chemicals. The four-step process of shampooing, conditioning, blow-drying and flat-ironing your hair will only take approximately 45 minutes, and results will last for up to six weeks. Plus, the treatment is easy to reverse when you want to restore your hair's natural texture, even if that happens to be very curly.

How It Works

Naturally Free products contain a combination of amino acids, interactive butters, and natural proteins. When you apply these products and add heat, the ingredients interact with the natural proteins already present within your hair, in order to straighten it. To reverse the treatment, all most individuals need to do is wash their hair several times with a clarifying shampoo.

Positive Points

  • Works On Many Hair Types
  • Regardless of whether you're starting with coils, waves, curls, or any other hair texture, Naturally Free can effectively straighten your hair. The only individuals who should avoid using this product are those with bleached hair or fine, brittle hair that is not strong enough to be straightened with a flat iron.

  • Makes Hair More Attractive
  • Besides straightening your hair, Naturally Free will also make it look shinier and bouncier, which will improve your overall level of attractiveness.

  • Detailed Instructions Offered
  • The Naturally Free system comes with two instructional books and two instructional DVDs, and the DVDs include styling tips. Therefore, you'll be able to use the system with optimum effectiveness, without doing anything that could reduce its benefits.

  • For Women And Men
  • Although this straightening system is marketed toward women, there is no reason that men cannot use it to straighten their hair.


  • Keratin Treatments
  • In order to straighten your hair, you also have the option of treating it with keratin. However, keratin treatments are harder to reverse, and normally last several months. They can also permanently change your hair's structure. If you like your hair's natural texture at times, this is something you may not want to happen. Furthermore, these treatments often contain potentially harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, and after a treatment, you can't wash or style your hair for a few days.

  • Hair Relaxers
  • Relaxers can also straighten your hair for months at a time, but like keratin treatments, they may alter your hair's natural texture.

  • Flat Ironing
  • Many people find flat ironing their hair in order to straighten it easy, but when you go this route, the results will only last several days. The Naturally Free system offers more permanent results than this, but its effects are easily reversible at the same time.

Negative Points

  • Can't Use Regular Shampoo
  • If you want to maintain your straight hairstyle, you need to use the shampoo and conditioner included within the Naturally Free straightening system. By using any other type of shampoo or conditioner, you will run the risk of restoring your hair's original texture before you actually want to.

  • Could Irritate Sensitive Skin
  • The system's inner-active conditioning treatment has a low pH, similar to that of lemons or limes, so it could irritate sensitive or broken skin. You can help mitigate any irritation to the hands by wearing gloves as you apply this product to your hair.

Save Time

If you use Naturally Free products, you won't have to visit the salon to have your hair straightened, so you'll save money you would have otherwise spent on that.

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