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Navage is a nose cleaning system that relieves sinus congestion. This nasal irrigation system uses the gentle suction of a saline solution to remove nasal congestion. The mess free system is easier to use than alternatives on the market and is pain free. By using this product regularly you will be breathing better than ever before which contributes to better health. Not only is it easy to use, it is also fast - an entire cycle takes less than 30 seconds.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Fill With Water
  2. The first step is to fill the upper water tank with water. A fill line is located on the tank so all you have to do is fill the water up to this line.

  3. Insert Salt Pod
  4. Put a salt pod in the crushing chamber and close the lid. By closing the lid you are mixing the crushed salt with the water which creates the saline solution. To ensure optimal mixing, shake Navage 3 times - this will make sure all of the crushed salt has mixed with the water.

  5. Put Nasal Pillows In Nose
  6. The next step is to put the nasal pillows in your nostrils. Make sure there are no gaps because gaps will result in leaks but also be sure you feel comfortable.

  7. Press The Power Button
  8. Press the power button halfway. At first you only want to push it halfway to make sure the suction is working. Once you feel the gentle suction you can fully press the power button to start your sinus rinse.

  9. Drain Upper Tank
  10. You will see the saline solution from the upper tank draining into the lower tank. Once the entire solution is in the lower tank you are finished.

  11. Wipe And Dump
  12. Once the sinus rinse is finished blow your nose to rid your nose of any excess saline solution. The last step is to dump the liquid out of the lower tank.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Wet Nasal Pillows
  2. If the nasal pillows are not sticking comfortably in your nose without creating any gaps then you can wet them. By wetting them they will stick to the inside of your nostrils.

  3. Keep Head Straight
  4. In order for the nasal rinse to work effectively you should keep your head straight. Do not tilt your head as this could influence the gentle suction.

  5. Remember To Breathe
  6. Do not hold your breath while performing a sinus rinse. By breathing normally from your mouth you stay calm which helps the saline solution move through your nostrils.

How it's Different from Competitors

Navage's primary competitors are the neti pot and squeeze bottles. These products work by pushing a saline solution through the nasal cavity. This can be uncomfortable because the pushing applies pressure. Navage on the other hand uses gentle suction to pull the saline solution through your nostrils thanks to a high tech pump. The gentle suction removes the uncomfortable pressure caused by competitors. This product is also different from competitors because it is self-contained. The saline solution travels from one tank, through your nose and back into another tank. There is no mess which is the opposite of the neti pot and squeeze bottles because with these devices the saline solution spills out of your nose into the sink.


All Marketing no Sunstance

Sandi | Meadows Place, TX | 20 Jan 2016

Just does not deliver on promise. Clunky, messy and poorly designed. No better than squeeze bottle and much more money.

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