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Neater Scooper is a product that lets you scoop and bag with a single hand. The scoop features a bin to hold the soiled litter and a trap door design which prevents it from falling out when you scoop more litter - cleaning the litter has never been so easy. Usually you have to hold the scoop in one hand and hold a plastic bag open with the other, which never works out perfectly. Cat litter always ends up on the floor, leaving behind a nasty mess. This product takes away the mess because everything automatically enters the storage bin.


  1. Bag Storage
  2. You can store extra scented bags at the bottom of the Neater Scooper bin.

  3. Caddy
  4. The bin also turns into a caddy for your scoop. If you hate having a dirty scoop exposed then turn the scoop upside down and put it inside the waste bin where it will be discretely stored.


  • Scented Bags
  • The bags that fit in the bin are scented to trap foul smells. They also feature handles that tie so you can be sure you are locking in the smell. Thanks to these revolutionary bags you do have to run the soiled litter to garbage outside right away just put it in your indoor trashcan.

  • No More Touching Soiled Litter
  • You never have to touch soiled litter again. The bags fit perfectly in the bin so the litter never misses the bag. You do not have to touch the litter or pick up any messes. Just pull the bag out of the bin and tie it.

  • Less Dust
  • Neater Scooper has a quick sifting design which reduces the production of dust.

  • No More Mess
  • Cleaning your cat litter usually results in spills and messes. You are often stuck sweeping the floor to pick up any litter that missed the bag, but with Neater Scooper there is never a mess.

  • Extra Bags
  • Every order comes with 15 extra bags that are all scented. The bags are 123 / 4 inches long and 8 3/4 inches wide.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Put In A Bag
  2. The first step to using Neater Scooper is to put one of the bags in the bin - they fit perfectly.

  3. Attach The Scope
  4. The next step is to attach the scoop to the bin. Make sure they are securely attached together.

  5. Scoop
  6. Hold the handle and scoop any clumps of soiled kitty litter.

  7. Sift
  8. Sift the soiled cat litter to allow any excess litter to fall back into the box.

  9. Tilt
  10. Tilt the scoop backwards and the soiled litter will fall back into the bin. The trap door technology prevents the clumps from falling out when you go to scoop more litter.

  11. Empty
  12. Remove the scoop and pull the bag out of the bin and dispose of the bag.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Often Should It Be Used?
  • It is suggested that you use Neater Scooper every day or every second day. The reason for this is because your cat has a sensitive sense of smell and if the litter is too soiled you cat will no longer use it.

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