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One Razor is the latest way to get rid of unwanted hair without worrying about scrapes and cuts. The extra sharp single blade is chrome plated and opens with a simple twist. It is easy to clean and has a sleek design - making it the perfect idea for a gift.


  • Opens With An Easy Twist
  • Hair residue is the common cause of a shorter blade life. With One Razor technology, cleaning is just a twist away. Simply twist the head and the blade detaches, allowing the user to rinse thoroughly after every use. Replace the head and twist to close.

  • Chrome-plated Solid Brass Hand
  • The chrome plated handle gives it that classic, sturdy look that men are always looking for. Its handle is also very durable, making it a blade you won't be replacing regularly.


  • May Require Some Practice
  • Those who are used to multi-bladed razors may require some practice before getting the perfect shave. Since it doesn't come with a user manual, experience will have to be the teacher.

  • Not Good If In A Hurry
  • Since the razor requires a little bit of skill and technique, it may not be a good idea for those in a rush.


  • Single Blade Technology
  • The One Razor utilizes a single blade instead of the more traditional multiple blades razors use.

  • Chrome-plated Solid Brass
  • The razor is made from solid brass and is plated with chrome, making it precision-crafted.

  • 12 Extra Razor Blades
  • Purchase of the product includes a safety razor and twelve razor blades.


The One Razor is the latest invention that makes use of the traditional single blade that has been used for years. Professional barbers today still utilize the one blade technology to get the best results. It is the safest way to get that clean shave. With this razor, there is no need to replace your blades or spend money on multiple blades. All your shaving needs are met with this razor.

How It Works

The One Razor uses a single extremely sharp blade to get rid of unwanted hair. Its brass, chrome plated handle and head allow the user more control and precision. With its easy to twist and detach feature, the blade can be cleaned anytime - reducing the chances of rust.

How it's Different from Competitors

Multiple bladed razors are all too common with other brands, but these cannot produce a smooth clean finish like the single, safety razors. One Razor does a great job getting rid of stubble, leaving no trace of hair. Using a single blade also saves the user from purchasing multiple blades.


  • Silver Double Edge Blade Razor
  • This is ideal for men with heavier beards. Also uses a single blade.

  • Feather Double Edge Razor
  • This product uses stainless steel blades.

  • Merkur Double Edge Razor
  • This product is nearly twice the price of the One Razor.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Shower, Then Shave
  2. Shave after showering in order to soften the skin or use a hot washcloth on the face for about 2 minutes.

  3. Don’t Shave Against The Grain
  4. Avoid shaving against the grain which usually results in scratches and cuts. Instead, follow the natural grain of your hair. Use short strokes and little pressure, maintaining a 45 degree angle.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can One Razor Be Used On Legs
  • Yes. A very smooth finish can be expected with this blade.

  • What If It Doesn't Work?
  • The One Razor has a 30 day money back guarantee, which means there is no risk to the buyer.


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