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Ovation Cell Therapy is a line of hair products developed by DC Labs. Whether customers are looking to repair damaged hair, or are simply looking for a fresh alternative to harsh beauty products – this product can help.


  • Strengthens And Nourishes Hair
  • Using proteins and amino acids, Ovation Cell Therapy makes hair stronger, thicker and longer. It contains ingredients, like Biotinyl-GHK, that target thinning hair and promotes hair’s growth cycle and follicle strength. Other ingredients address circulation, moisture, and overall health of the hair / scalp.

  • Uses Nontoxic Ingredients
  • Nature often provides the best tools for healthy hair, and Ovation Cell Therapy takes advantage of that. Olive leaves, potatoes, and sheep’s wool are just some of the resources that this hair solution uses to create a natural, safe formula that is gentle on the hair.


  • Scalp Dryness
  • A common complaint with this product is that it causes hair and scalp dryness. Sensitive skin is vulnerable to irritation upon the introduction of a new product, so it is best to carefully monitor how one’s hair and scalp is reacting to the solution. It is also recommended that usage of the leave-in treatment is limited to two or three times a week, as excessive use could cause an imbalance of the natural oils / proteins.

  • Expensive
  • There are a lot of hair products in the market, and cost is often a driving force in the decision-making process. For the size of the bottles, Ovation Cell Therapy is relatively expensive. However, DC Labs does offer packages that can be purchased to reduce the cost per product and get more value out of usage.


  • Promotes Hair Growth
  • For people are looking to find a product that will speed up the growth of their hair, Ovation Cell Therapy is certainly a good option. Its ingredients are especially chosen to target hair loss and many customers have seen great results.

  • Benefits Damaged Hair
  • Hair is often one of a person’s defining features as an individual, and having hair that has been ravaged by time or an event can be devastating. Ovation Cell Therapy is dedicated to providing a user’s hair and scalp with the best and most natural nutrition available. The goal of this company is that a person’s hair will once again become vibrant and lush by using this product.

How It Works

To use this product, carefully read the given instructions for best results. Ovation Cell Therapy uses a two-part system: routine washing and the leave-in therapy treatment. For the washing, simply use the shampoo like any other product. Massage the solution into the scalp and comb through the hair. After 3-5 minutes, rinse and then finish with the Ovation Crème Rinse. This method should be used 2-3 times a week. For the leave-in treatment, massage into the scalp and leave in for 1-2 hours - or overnight if desired. Rinse and finish with the Crème Rinse. Individual usage depends on the consumer. For any questions, they should contact the company directly.

How it's Different from Competitors

Other hair products often rely on animal testing to educate themselves on the effects of their solution. Ovation Cell Therapy and DC Labs have a strict policy against testing on animals. The Ovation Cell Therapy is also uniquely effective against thin hair and hair that is falling out from cancer treatments. Many customers have been extremely pleased with the thickening and growth of their hair after using the system.


  • Mega-tek Hair
  • Oddly enough, a comparable hair care product to Ovation Cell Therapy is Mega-Tek Hair Rebuilder, which was originally designed for horses. Mega-Tek shampoo has a lot of protein in it, which strengthens and thickens hair. People have used it to prevent and repair thinning hair. The company is even aware that people are now using it on themselves, and have accordingly added directions to their bottles. Mega-Tek is also popular because it costs less than Ovation Cell Therapy.

  • Redken
  • This solution is targeted towards customers seeking to repair their damaged hair and manage split ends. The product seems to be very popular and is significantly less expensive than Ovation Cell Therapy. Redken sells a variety of products, like a rinse-out treatment and a leave-in treatment.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Regularly Trim Hair
  2. The longer hair goes without a trim, the worse split ends will become - and the more repair will be necessary. Going to a professional on a regular basis will also keep a person in the know about new products and better ways to manage their hair type.

  3. Avoid Extreme Heat
  4. Heat applicators like straight irons can cause significant damage to your hair after extended use. Do not use them often, or - if you do, use a heat protection product to protect your hair. Since heat dries out hair, also consider shampoos that have moisturizing properties.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Using Other Products Okay?
  • It should be fine, unless the other products also have protein in them. Using multiple products with protein could overexpose your hair to the ingredient. You also should not use Ovation Cell Therapy if your other products are medicated.

  • How Much Should Be Used?
  • For all of the products, an amount about the size of a quarter should be sufficient.

  • Are Samples Available?
  • Since one use won’t result in any real effect on the scalp or hair, DC Labs does not give out samples. They do have a small 6 oz. Cell Therapy Balance bottle that can give you an idea of how the solution works with your hair.

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