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The P90X2 fitness program incorporates various forms of cardio and anaerobic training programs for a duration of 90 days. A method called “muscle confusion”, works by challenging the body excessively while using different methods. From weights, to bands and calisthenics - the program was created by well-known fitness expert tony horton. Other products have also emerged because of this program, such as p90x+ and power 90 master series.


  • Protein Bars In Many Flavors
  • The protein bars come in flavors including café mocha, chocolate peanut butter and wildberry yogurt. An order of 20 grams of protein might get you each flavor.

  • Lose Weight And Build Muscle
  • The P90X2 programs are not only focused on getting rid of bulge – they also focus on muscle strengthening. Inclusive in the program is an intense workout program and a nutritional plan to make sure one gets the best results possible.


  • Workouts May Be Extreme
  • The workout plan makes the user workout 6-7 times a week, which is even more than professional athletes. For an average person who does little or no exercise, these workouts are very extreme and intense.

  • Rigid Diet Plan
  • P90X2 promotes a diet plan in which one has to follow an exact meal plan and eat every 2-3 hours. For people who haven’t been on tough diets before, such an extreme change in eating habits can be too drastic to handle.


  • 12 Dvd Workouts
  • These include workouts for the chest, back, shoulders, arms, cardio, chest, yoga, biceps and abs.

  • Diet Plan And Workout Schedule
  • The p0x2 program gives the user a fixed plan to follow, both with the workouts and with the diet. A workout schedule divides the program into sections from 1-3 weeks to eight weeks and offers classic, doubles or lean options - depending on the desired result.


The Power 90 Extreme workout is created and endorsed by Tony Horton - one of the famous fitness instructors of today. When followed closely, the program can transform your body in just ninety days. By combining various kinds of workouts, the program ensures optimum results in only 90 days.

How It Works

The program revolves around what is known as “muscle confusion”. This means that workouts are changed suddenly to avoid the “workout plateau”, in which no results can be witnessed. Doing the same kind of exercises each week will result in this plateau. P90X2 is effective because it does the opposite. By suddenly changing the nature of the workout, muscles are always challenged and there is constant room for growth.

How it's Different from Competitors

Other fitness programs focus on a single kind of exercise - whether it be cardio or aero. P90X2, on the other hand, offers the chance to challenge your muscles with a variety of workouts. Such an approach reduces the chances of boredom and ensures better results.


  • X Train Fit At Home Workout
  • This intensity workout is targeted mainly towards women and is a lot cheaper than P90X2.

  • Shaun T’s Focus T25 Base Kit
  • The Shaun T’s program focuses on getting results in the least time possible and entails 2 minutes of intense workout, five times a week.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Relax In Between Workouts
  2. This will prevent your muscles from burning out or experiencing cramps.

  3. Get The Right Nutrition
  4. The workout plan comes with a nutrition plan, as this is a must-have to provide your muscles the right fuel.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Equipment Is Required?
  • Weight bands / free weights and yoga mats are some of the basic essentials ideal for these workouts.

  • Is It Safe?
  • Yes, P90X2 is safe. Still, it is best to consult a health professional before starting this workout plan due to its intense nature.


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