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Parachute Loom is a new way to make bracelets with actual parachute cords. These durable cords don’t fray or break, like other weaker homemade bracelets. You are able to create unique Parachute Loom bracelets by hand weaving the cords until the bracelet is complete. This process can be done as a hobby or with friends at a bracelet making party.

How it's Different from Competitors

Parachute Loom is not like other bracelet making kits, since they offer real parachute cords. This is unique from other bracelet kits, as these type of bracelet are not likely to break prematurely. Thus, they allow users to create unique color combinations in an efficient way without worrying about the longevity of the bracelet.


  • Many Colors Available
  • The Parachute Loom kit comes with five assorted colors and five camouflaged cords. This allows the user to create a number of different bracelet designs. Since the kit also comes with ten clips, the users can make ten different color combinations the minute they receive the kit.

  • Easy To Use
  • The system for making Parachute Loom bracelets is straight forward and outlines in the included guide. It can be done by hand and does not require bulky machinery or sewing machines. This makes it easy to not only learn how to make Parachute Loom bracelets, but also take the kit on the go with you.


  • Limited Amount Of Cords
  • The kit only comes with ten cords, with five of those cords given as a bonus. This means you will need to purchase more cords if you want to make more than ten bracelets. Alternatively, you would have to undo previously made bracelets in order to make new ones if you do not invest in more cords.

  • Only Makes Bracelets
  • Parachute Loom does not allow you to make anything other than bracelets. If you wanted to make other jewelry or accessories with parachute cords, you would need a different kit.


  • How To Guide
  • The Parachute Loom comes with a guide that explains all the ins and outs of making Parachute Loom bracelets. Furthermore, the entire kit serves as a weaving system and cord storage box, allowing you to choose between colors while learning how to weave the cords.

  • Big And Bold
  • The colors includes in the Parachute Loom kit are bright and eye catching. These colors include an assortment of solid and camouflaged designs. Such a selection will allow the user to come up with a multitude of color combinations for their bracelets.


Want a fun way to dress up your wrists? Try Parachute Loom. This product allows you to weave real parachute cords into stylish and unique bracelet designs. The color combinations allow you to stand out from a crows of store-bought accessories. Their durability will ensure that your new and unique bracelets never break or fray.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Recycle Cords
  2. When you get tired of wearing a certain color combination, simply undo the cords and use them again. This way, you will never need to purchase additional cords. Additionally, your wrists will always be fashioned with a new set of eye popping colors.

  3. Watch A Tutorial
  4. If you have trouble following the how to guide, try watching a tutorial online instead. This will allow you to see the Parachute Loom kit in action.

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