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Are you tired of applying lotion to your dry and cracked feet? Put the bottle of lotion down and pick up Ped Egg Power. The new and improved Ped Egg has sold over 40 million units and is even better than the original Ped Egg. Ped Egg Power is an electronic system that you hold in your hand that removes all of the dry, cracked and dead skin on your feet. It is painless and will give you sexy and smooth feet in just minutes.

Easy to Use

  1. Clean Your Feet
  2. Prior to using Ped Egg Power you should clean your feet.

  3. Dry Your Feet
  4. Make sure your feet are dry to get the best results.

  5. Use It
  6. All you have to do is turn Ped Egg Power on and glide it over the bass of your foot. It will buff away dead skin, cracks and even callouses.

  7. Apply Heal Tastic
  8. Heal Tastic is the finishing touch that can be applied after you have used Ped Egg Power. Simply roll it on your heal for extra smoothness and moisture.

How It Works

Ped Egg Power does not have any blades what so ever which is fantastic. What makes this system work is the nano-abrasion roller. This roller spins more than 2500 times per minute. It is literally buffing away your dead skin. The nano-abrasion roller head works to remove callouses, cracked, dead and dry skin. When this top layer of skin is buffed away you are left with a smooth and younger looking layer of skin.

Positive Aspects

  • No Blades
  • Ped Egg Power does not have any blades which is amazing because you never have to worry about cutting yourself.

  • Pain Free
  • This process is virtually painless. You do not have to sit and scratch away at your dead skin instead Ped Egg Power smooths it out for you.

  • Smooth Feet
  • By using this system you will have feet that are baby smooth. You can wear sandals, heals, and even go bare foot without having to worry about anyone commenting on your dry and cracked feet.

  • Portable
  • Since Ped Egg Power is cordless you can literally bring it with you everywhere. It is small enough to fit in your suitcase or makeup bag. So if you are going on vacation or a weekend getaway you can discretely bring it with you.

  • Confidence
  • Gain back your confidence with this system. Forget about shying away from gorgeous summer shoe styles. For the first time in a long time you will feel completely confident in your own skin by using Ped Egg Power.

Save Money

Forget about having to spend money getting a pedicure or about having to buy expensive lotions to help your cracked skin. This system can be used more than once so it will save you a ton of money. Plus, you can use it in the comfort of your own home. No more embarrassing visits to the spa.

Save Time

Ped Egg Power works in just a matter of seconds. To have beautiful feet you do not have to spend hours grooming them - instead use Ped Egg Power.

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Connie | Cleburne, TX | 24 Feb 2015

I love the Ped Egg. It work on all of my callouses and my hubby and I both use it. Better than going to the Podiatrist every month. I just need to find the replacements.

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