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Perfect Slicer is a fruit and vegetable slicing and coring tool large enough to handle a watermelon.


  • Twin Handles
  • The Perfect Slicer comes equipped with twin handles to make the task of cutting through larger foods much easier. Two handles also help deal with the large size of the device.

  • 12 Slice Design
  • The Perfect Slicer is designed to create 12 even slices of food using a spoke pattern design. 12 blades come out from a coring center in an evenly spaced pattern to give the same 12 slices every time.

  • Coring Center
  • Perfect Slicer has a coring center circle to aid in the removal of cores from various foods. The coring center is excellent at removing the cores from apples and pineapples alike.


  • Even Slices
  • Using the Perfect Slicer allows for even cuts to be made, and for foods to be sectioned off into 12 even pieces every use. This is great for cutting fruits, vegetables, and even bundt cake.

  • Dishwasher Safe
  • The Perfect Slicer can be tossed in the dishwasher for a fast clean with no scrubbing of the slicing blades.

  • Safe
  • One of the biggest selling points on the Perfect Slicer is that it is a safe product for slicing large and bulky foods. Often handling a knife on a fruit the size of a watermelon can be dangerous, but using the handles on the Perfect Slicer, there is almost no risk of injury.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Center The Slicer
  2. Place the coring center over the center of the food to be cut.

  3. Grab The Handles
  4. Securely grip the twin handles on the Perfect Slicer.

  5. Press Down
  6. Using both handles to apply even pressure, press down, and watch as the Perfect Slicer cores and slices the food.

Save Time

Perfect Slicer cores and creates 12 even slices of food in one smooth motion. To core and make 12 slices with a knife, at least six motions are required, and the slices probably will not end up as even. The infomercial for the Perfect Slicer contains a demo of using the slicer to cut 10 different difficult foods into 120 total slices in less than 30 seconds.

Save Money

Purchasing pre-cut fruits and vegetables at the store can be a costly endeavor. Generally the markup on sliced foods is substantial, and then the cut food also tends to spoil faster than whole fruits and veggies. The Perfect Slicer allows you to save money by taking the hassle out of slicing the food, so buying the cheaper whole fruits and veggies becomes the obvious choice. This also allows you to choose when to slice the food, so spoilage becomes less of an issue.

How It Works

The blades in the Perfect Slicer are equidistant from each other in a pattern that leads to a coring center. This allows for 12 even slices of food to be made every time the Perfect Slicer is used. As long as the coring center is over the center of the food, the Perfect Slicer will make 12 even slices of food every time.

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