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Pop Clocky is a special type of alarm clock whose head pops off as the alarm sounds. Available in four different characters, this product will have you popping out of bed - literally. All you have to do is set the alarm like you normally would and when the unique tune starts going off the top of the alarm clock will pop off. Getting out of bed has never been so fun and not to mention easy.


  • Four Different Characters
  • Pop Clocky comes in four different characters, each of which is a different colour. Rosie is pink, Sunny is yellow, Charlie is blue and Gilbert is green. You can choose just one or collect them all - it is up to you.

  • Cordless
  • Pop Clocky is cordless so you never have to worry about having it near an outlet in order for it to work. It is battery operated.

  • Mix And Match
  • You can mix and match the tops and bases. This means that the yellow head does not have to be placed on the yellow base. Change up the colours by mixing and matching.


  • Led Light
  • The LED light acts as the perfect night light and it lets you clearly see what time it is - whether is it day or night.

  • Durable
  • This product is extremely durable. The head of Pop Clocky is made out of a super soft plastic that will not break when it falls and crashes into the floor.

  • Special Wake Up Tunes
  • Each Pop Clocky comes with special wake up tunes so you can say goodbye to annoying alarm clocks that beep.

How It Works

The secret behind Pop Clocky is the unique two piece design which features a base and a top. A hollowed out base features the actual alarm clock, speakers, light, buttons and a spring. The top half of Pop Clocky is a round ball that fits perfectly inside the top of the base. All you have to do is put the top on the base. When your alarm sounds in the morning it forces the spring upward which makes the top of Pop Clocky pop off the base. This top is made out of an extremely durable super soft plastic which gives it bounce - this ensures it will not break as it pops off and hits the floor.

Easy to Use

  1. Set Your Alarm
  2. The first step is to set your alarm clock.

  3. Sleep And Pop
  4. All you have to do is fall asleep. When the time matches that of your alarm one of the unique tunes will start playing and Pop Clocky will pop off, making you jump out of bed.

  5. Place It
  6. When you are awake all you have to do is put the Pop Clocky head back on the base.


  • Toy
  • Kids might think Pop Clocky is more of a toy than an alarm clock, this might cause them to play with it during the night.

  • Easy To Change The Alarm
  • It is easy for your child to change the time of the alarm. This could cause them to oversleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Batteries Included?
  • No, batteries are not included with your order.

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