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Poppit is toy clay that kids can mold into different shapes and figures. The clay comes with especially designed molds known as “Poppers”. To use this device, a child should put clay in the Popper. Then simply pop it out and it will be in the shape of the mold.


  • Molds
  • The set comes with molds in the shape of puppies and cupcakes. There are 7 cup cake molds and the same number of puppy molds. You can use them to design different colored objects and then also decorate them.

  • Accessories
  • There are 12 different decor pieces which can be used to accessorize the cupcakes and also the puppies. For the cupcakes, these pieces can be used as icing and cake decor.

  • Air Dry
  • The clay can air dry so you can save the objects as souvenirs. In this way, whatever you create, you can keep with you for a long time as a decoration piece.

  • Ease Of Use
  • This toy clay is very easy to use. The Popper can be easily popped and creates beautiful designs in seconds.

  • Colors
  • There are several different colored clay in the pack. These include white, black, light pink, dark pink, purple, two different shades of blue, light brown, dark brown and off white.

  • Designs
  • With practice, you can use this product to create several varied designs. Even dolls can be created with this clay. Kids can also make ice creams, toy purses for their dolls etc.

  • Soft
  • The clay is soft to use and so can easily be made into different shapes.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Push In Mold
  2. Take a piece of clay of your choice and press it into the mold.

  3. Pop
  4. Press the button on the popper to release the clay. It will come out in the design of the popper.

  5. Create
  6. Now you can stack the pieces of clay together to create different shapes, designs and objects.

Negative Points

  • Size
  • The Popper, including the different accessories, are small in size. Therefore, they can be a health hazard for kids as there are high chances that they may swallow them.

  • Losing The Pieces
  • As they are small, the different toy pieces of this set may easily get lost. This is why it is very important that you store the pieces adequately in a safe place once done playing with them.

  • Drying
  • This clay can air-dry to permanently keep its shape. If the clay is not kept in an airtight box, it will dry up, and eventually become hard and useless.

  • Sticking
  • The different pieces of clay, when stacked on top of each other, can stick to one another. When the pieces are removed, some of the clay may remain stuck to each other and hence the colors can get mixed. After playing with this clay many times, the different colored clay will become somewhat merged into each other.

How it's Different from Competitors

Poppit is just like other toy clays that are present in the market. However, the difference is the presence of its Popper. This product is also competitively priced.


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